August 20, 2018

Many students have always wondered what essay typer is. At times, they need to use it but they do not know what it is. I will try my best to ensure that you fully get the right answer. 

An essay typer is a website or an application that types essays for you. There are different types of essay typers. The most popular ones are the automatic essay generators. Some are simple applications while others are fully fledged websites. 

What Does Essay Typer Do?

As discussed above, almost all essay typers write essays. They start from simple essays term paper to more complicated ones like dissertations and theses. There is a small percentage that deals with Search Engine Optimization articles. I will however dwell on the essay typing aspect only.

When using the automatic essay generators you only enter the topic and the instructions. The essay typer then predicts the other parts of the essay. 

On the other hand, the other type of essay typers are websites with human writers and administrators. They have customer care executives who answer and help students when they are on the website. These websites require you to fill all the instructions as given by your tutor. 

In the case of a website, you fill in a form that has the level of education, the deadline, number of sources, and the language to be used (British or American English). You then discuss the details with either the writer or the customer care executive. After that you wait for your essay to be uploaded on your portal and a notification sent to your email when completed. 

Which is the Best Essay Typer?

Between the two essay typers, I would go for the one that involves human beings. Why? A writer always do research. They write your paper alongside your instructions and in some cases, your grading rubric. This means that they craft your essays satisfactorily. Additionally, they do not copy from online databases. They do fresh research for every essay. 

Human writers make arguments, counter-arguments, observations, give statistics and examples. With essay writers, it is essay to do a progressive assignment as they know where they left the previous papers. In case of class discussions, they read the posts made by other students and contribute accordingly. 

A writer will always check for plagiarism. They also proofread essays to eliminate all grammatical mistakes. They also ensure that there is correct use of sentence structures.  In short, they deliver essays of high quality.

On the contrary, when using automated essay generators, plagiarism is common. They fetch essays directly from Wikipedia and other online sources. They also spin free essays on the website. The level of grammar is always low. No in-depth research is done. In most cases, the final copy is always suspicious. A keen lecturer knows spun essays as compared to originally typed essays.

Is there a Remedy? 

The rememdy to all these problems is looking for an essay typing website instead of an essay writing application. At Instant Essay Typer, we write high quality essay from scratch. Tight deadlines do not stop us. We follow instructions from the clients to the letter. We offer free revisions.

Feel free to place your order with us or chat with our customer care executives. 

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