How can I Type My Paper from Scratch?

In the process of essay writing, there are different things that make the paper unique. The process might seem long but it is not. These are the steps involved in typing a research paper from scratch;

Step One: Analysing and Understanding the question

Each step when writing a paper is also a process. In this first step, you need to do several things to ensure that your essay will give you the best grade. Here, you have to do the following;

  1. Develop a time plan that will allow you to have sufficient time to complete each step of the essay. Some areas need more time than others. It is, therefore, advisable to set completion dates of each section or process. For instance, set a date that you will be proofreading the essay.
  2. Go back and read the question carefully. You cannot write an effective essay if you have not understood what your tutor needs from you. The better you understand the question, the higher your chances of delivering a high-quality paper. If you do not understand the question, you can always ask for clarifications from your teacher. In this step, always underline the keywords and research on their meanings.
  3. Map the question in your mind. Ensure that you create a clear picture of the question in your mind. Evaluate all the possible approaches that would allow you to type a clear paper. You can initiate a group discussion with your peers.
  4. Outline the ideas that you have gathered. At this point, you can write a numbered list. Start with the strongest idea. To be sure that your essay will flow, place related ideas next to each other.


Step Two: Gathering Relevant Information

  1. At this stage, you start by going back and checking the time within which you should have gathered all resources you intend to use. Remember that an essay without citations and references is considered plagiarized.
  2. Contact your library authorities if possible. This helps you to know the types and relevant documents that are available. The more recent the documents are, the more relevant they are considered to be.
  3. Ensure that you record all the materials that you find. This is important because during the actual writing, you will need to mention details of the materials depending on the citation style you have been asked to use. If you do not record your materials, you could be forced to come back later to locate them.
  4. Read the materials effectively and make notes. An essay is a composition of different ideas. Whenever you come across a unique idea, ensure that you get it clearly and then note it down somewhere.


Step Three: Make a Linear Plan

At this stage, l refer back to the instructions. Make your linear plan depending on the number of words that you are allowed. It also depends on the nature of your paper. Here, you should know the number of words each paragraph or section will carry. If it is a 1000-words research paper, it is advisable for you to first allocate the number of words for the introduction and the conclusion. Each can be 150 words. The rest of the words should be divided equally amongst other paragraphs.


Step 4: Write the Rough Draft

This is the toughest step. You are required to piece the ideas you’ve gathered together. The ideas should be coherent and be flowing. In this step, you cite your sources and references. You confirm the validity of your ideas and claims. Additionally, you support your arguments with data.

The most effective way of typing a high-quality paper is making a rough draft of each paragraph. Ensure that each captures an individual idea that you intended to discuss. The ideas in each paragraph should relate to the ideas in the previous paragraphs.

After this, you can print your rough draft and pass it to your peers for review. You can request them to write comments on the margins. Read the feedback carefully and implement the recommendations. Not all comments might augur well with you and so, you can leave out what does not impress you.

In some cases, you might decide to put more emphasis on some ideas. On the other hand, you might even decide to do away with an entire paragraph or restructure it. Changes are allowed.


Step Five: Edit and Proofread Your Essay

This is one of the most critical parts of the essay. This is the stage that determines if your paper belongs to the distinction or pass categories.

  1. Counter-check if all the sections of the question have been answered. This justifies why lecturers use grading rubrics, which always have the section of “Question Fully Answered”.
  2. For the whole essay, ensure there is a flow of ideas. Each idea should support the thesis statement.
  3. Ensure that each paragraph is in the right structure. That is, the topic sentence, discussion, and conclusion.
  4.  Ensure that all grammatical errors and typos are eliminated. Additionally, ensure that your sentence structure is correct.
  5. Ensure that your referencing and formatting styles are correct.
  6. Reread the marking rubric to ensure that you know what is expected of you by your lecturer. Basically, you can mark your paper in your mind.

That marks the end of how to type a good essay. In the next topic, we will discuss where you can find reliable essay writers and typers.


Where do I find a skilled writer to type my paper?

According to The Guardian , one out of seven students work full-time. The reasons for these statistics vary. Some students work to fund their education while others work to avoid being in debts. Others work to ensure they raise their employability prospects after completing their studies. As early as 2013, Market Watch, reported that at least 80% of students work part-time.

The above category of students has always sought essay typing services. They have always wondered if they have backups when it comes to typing their essays. There are many websites that help a student with their papers online. It is estimated that there are more than 3000 essay typing websites. Isn’t that a good number? Definitely! Among those websites, there are those that do exceptional jobs. Others mess students left, right and center.

There are several ways that one can know if an essay writing website is genuine.

  1. Copy writing

A genuine website should always be copy written in good and flawless English. Some foreign websites are always written in poor English. It might not be easy to tell but you will only know if you visit their internal pages. Some employ Native Speakers proofread their homepages but they do the internal pages on their own.


2. Phone Contacts

Most foreign companies either refuse to pick phone calls or when they do, their customer care executives do not speak fluent English. Their language is, therefore, not natural and flawless. The accent of the recipients tells it all.


3. Live Chats

When chatting with both essay typers and customer care executives, their written grammar should be flawless and conform to the known ENL standards. It is hard to hide poor grammar in chats. If you notice poor grammar during chats, please know that the company is not genuine.


4. Multiple Websites

If you notice that a company has several websites that may look different but are registered by the same person, that is a red flag. In this case, a client would be tricked into ordering an essay from a different website which is on the same network. The problem of being swindled or getting poor grades would then persist. A genuine website should always be ready to face their clients on the same platform.

To counter the above problems, we established the most reliable essay typing website. Our business model is based on honesty and integrity.


How Can Our Website help you?

Our website helps students and scholars all over the world in different areas. They include;

  • Typing Papers from Scratch

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You might be good at research but not good at writing. We also have the ESL category students. This means that they would want their papers to be fine-tuned into impeccable English. We, therefore, edit their grammatical and syntax errors. Our writers and editing department ensure that all sentences have the right structures.


  • Dissertation Typing Services

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  • Custom Essay Typing Services

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How Qualified are the essay writers?

As mentioned earlier, we have the best and the most qualified essay typers. We only hire Masters Degree holders upwards. To ensure that we do not mess up with your papers, we start vetting our writers at the hiring level. We request them to present their original certificates. This helps us to hire writers according to their competences. In each and every quarter of the year, we require them to do several tests. These tests include citation and referencing, grammar, speed and English writing.

In addition to the above, we always ensure that we admit writers who are always available to write. We do not hire part-time writers. We do this to avoid circumstances where our clients might need help but the respective writer is away on other business. There is nothing frustrating like being stood up when you expect urgent help.


Is it Possible to do my essay for me within a few hours?

Yes, we can do your essay within a few hours. We have the best writers in the world who are experienced in conducting adequate research needed to produce Grade A papers. These writers can deliver papers within a few hours. The shortest time of delivery that we agree to work with is 3 hours. However, it is critical to point out that all our papers are written by human writers and so, logically, some long papers cannot be delivered within 3 hours in our aspiration to deliver original papers. For instance, we cannot deliver a 200-page dissertation in hours. In such a case, we might request additional time to complete your essay.


Can you write an essay for me that guarantees Grade A?

I reiterate that all our writers are professionals who have the right research and writing skills. When you place an order with us, you are always assured that we will deliver the highest quality papers. In case you feel that your paper needs editing or revision to improve the quality, we always do it for free. For us to deliver on the promise of giving you a grade A paper, we encourage our clients to give us all information they deem relevant.

If you need a certain book, journal article or any other material used, we always respect that. We follow your instructions fully. In our work, 96% of all papers that we have typed for students were grade A papers. This means that our success rate is so high.


Is it Possible to get someone to write my essay for me free online?

This question has always raised a lot of debates. Many students come online to seek for free essay typing services. In the current world, it is hard to get professionals who offer their services for free. For one to become a professional in essay writing, they invest their time and resources. They pay for services like internet and electricity. Additionally, they pay for premium online and physical library services subscriptions. Just like I said before, some essay writers are full-time workers. Additionally, they have bills to pay and a life to lead.

For a writer to deliver a high-quality paper, they must have some motivation. This comes in terms of fair compensation. Some of the companies that purport to give free essay writing services download the papers from online databases. Such essays are always plagiarized. No one wants to submit a plagiarized paper for marking. The consequences are dire. If you want a custom-written paper, always be ready to compensate the writer. This gives you the right to hold both the writer and the company responsible for the grades you get.


Don’t Want to Write an Essay?

There are many reasons that make students to feel not ready to write their own essays. Just like we discussed before, some students are inexperienced while others couple their studies with work. There is a large group of students in the world who have the responsibilities of looking after their families. The reasons for being unable to do your essays are innumerable.

If you do not want to write your research papers, we then advise you to pay us to do it for you. We are always fair in our charges. The cost of a paper depends on some factors. These are:

  1. The length of the paper: The shorter the paper, the cheaper it is. We count the length of any papers in pages. One page is presumed to hold at least 275 words. That is the standard length in many colleges and universities.
  2. Your level of study: It is common knowledge that lower level papers are easy to do and require less expertise. Most of them do not have data to analyze or diagrams to draw. Additionally, they are always short and require less time to complete. On the other hand, higher level papers like PhD dissertations and theses require a lot of time to write. They have require a lot of expertise and time to write them.
  3. The Deadline: For you to enjoy the cheapest papers, always place your orders on time. Ensure that you give us all instructions as soon as you get them from your teacher. In most cases, lecturers give students instructions on time. Take the advantage of that is getting cheaper services from us.
  4. Subject Area: If your paper or essay is in the category of sciences or technical subjects, it requires more time to do than the social sciences and arts. We pay technical subject writers higher than others.


Why Choose Us?

There are many benefits of hiring us. We offer premium essay writing services online. Our essays are always of high quality. We do in-depth research. Our writers are experienced and friendly to deal with. They always listen your concerns. Additionally, our customer care executives are always online to listen and respond to your queries. They do not hesitate to offer help any time you need our instant essay typing services.

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