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The term “Website” means Instantessaytyper.com. The term “Yours” or “You,” “Customer” refers to you or any other person submitting an order through this website on your behalf.  “We,” “Company,” refer to, and must be taken to mean instantessaytyper.com. The product means an original paper, essay, and/or any other written product that has been drafted and delivered to the Customer according to the terms of his/her order. “Order” should be taken to mean any written information in electronic form that is both filled and submitted through online electronic means, and submitted to the website by the customer online.

Our services

By making payment/or making any form of payment through our website, you agree that the product or service that you will buy is intended only for personal and non-commercial use.  The products on this website have been drafted by freelance writers who have surrendered their rights as well as ownership related to the products to the company. You are advised to visit our terms and conditions section for more information on how this process works before you make any decision to order any product or service to this website or make any forms of payment to the website.


Any product or service purchased through this website qualifies for a refund on the by the terms and conditions that are contained within the money back guarantee document. You are advised to view the document for more information about how this works. If you live within the European Union, it is important to note that if the price on the product or service you purchased included VAT in the process of payment, you will not receive this VAT amount while receiving refunds for your product or service purchased through the website.

Copyright and Personal Use

Every product purchased from the website is completely unique and original. However, you agree that you will not use any product received from your purchase for any form of commercial purposes. You agree that you will only use the product personally.

Zero Plagiarism

You understand that the company reserves the right to cancel any form of contract, agreement, or dealings with any person who makes an attempt or condones passing plagiarized content as original when requesting for services or engaging the company. By using this website, you agree that if you distribute products that you have purchased from this website where the action constitutes plagiarism, the company reserves the right to terminate any existing contract with you and subject to civil or criminal penalties. Any form of product or service purchased through this website is intended to be used as a model, reference, or inspiration that you can use to create your own projects. We do not encourage, condone, or take part in any form of plagiarism knowingly participate in activities that involve any form of dishonesty or academic fraud. The company adheres to copyright laws and will not knowingly permit the customer to participate in any form of academic fraud, dishonesty, or break copyright laws. You agree that any product that you purchase through this website, or any material that the company submits to you through this website should only be used as an example or model for research purposes only and that any form of ideas that you borrow, refer to, or reference from the document or any form of material submitted to you through this website, if used in your own original paper, should be appropriately cited. In case you do not know how to cite information or ideas contained in documents or materials offered to you, you are advised to contact customer service for more guidance. The company or its partners/affiliates shall not be liable as a result of any inappropriate, unethical, illegal, or wrongful use of products or and/or written material that you or anyone else purchases or acquires through this website. This includes lawsuits, plagiarism, expulsion, poor grading, loss of awards/scholarships/positions/titles/grants/prizes, failure, suspension, or any other form of legal or disciplinary action. The buyer of the material from the website is entirely responsible for any form of disciplinary action that may in any way arise as a result of unethical, or improper/illegal use of the material. We only accept a plagiarism level that is less than, or equal to 10%.  In case the levels of plagiarism are equal to or higher than 10%, you deserve the right to request a refund or revision of the document. We request you to study more information about this from our revision policy, and the money back guarantees pages. It is essential to keep in mind that in-text references or cliché (which includes standard phrases, idioms, connectors, or another type of commonly used phrases will not be used in calculating the levels of plagiarism.

Our guarantees

We guarantee that the papers you purchase from us will have a plagiarism level that is less than 10% excluding bibliographic references or clichéd phrases. We also guarantee that the paper will follow all your instructions as well as your preferred formatting requirements. We guarantee that we shall conduct appropriate research that complies with standard and formal English style. We cannot guarantee that our model papers will help you to acquire a particular grade. You understand that you cannot ask for a refund in case you achieve an unsatisfactory academic outcome.

Order placement

In case you decide to purchase a product from our website or procure our services by placing an inquiry or an order on the website, you agree that you will complete an online form that will include entering personal information necessary to prepare your order. The company will under no condition disclose any form of personal information to third parties.

Privacy policy

 We shall communicate to you using the email address you shall provide to us to send you notifications with regards to important phases of the order fulfillment process. These phases include seeking clarification on issues associated with your order, notifying you of unread messages, or notifying you that your order has been completed. We shall contact you with your telephone number in case of an urgent notification. The total price of your order will be calculated after you complete filling out the order details form. This price will be based on the type of work, deadline, number of pages, or academic level. A deadline countdown timer will start immediately after you successfully place your order.

Fees and payment

Products that are offered by the company are charged a fee that is offered on the company’s website. All prices offered on the website do not include VAT. VAT is only charged to customers from the European Union and will be added automatically when processing your payment. It is important to remember that discounts and VAT are non-refundable. In case the customer makes an inquiry on a product or service that is beyond the regular services offered by the company through the website, or requests the modification of a finished product beyond the scope of its original instructions, the company reserves the right to make an additional monetary charge to the customer to facilitate the amendment. The company invites the customer to make an advance payment for the order given the fact that the company is reasonably confident about its ability to locate a qualified freelancer to deliver the product in accordance with original instructions, and within the specified deadline. In case a customer makes an advance payment, or the company is unable to locate a qualified freelancer to complete the order, the customer will receive a full refund of the advance payment. Other conditions where the customer qualifies for a refund are specified within the money back guarantee document.

The delivery of the finished product

After the completion of the order, the product will be available for the customer download within a specified personal section of the website. In case the company is unable to send the final product to the customer within a few hours after the deadline specified within the original instructions of the order, the customer is entitled to receive a particular amount of refund. For more information about this issue, the customer is advised to read the money back guarantee document. The company cannot be held liable for technical problems or delays that affect the delivery of the product, or generally as a result of the reduced functioning or malfunctioning of the mail server used by the customer, or the Internet service provided by an Internet service provider to the company.

Guarantee for a free revision

The company will revise the delivered product on them in accordance with the terms of the revision policy. The customer is advised to review the revision policy for more information about this issue.

Security and privacy

The company does not store the customer’s credit card information or share any details of the customer with other parties. For more information about the policies and practices associated with the collection, storage, and use of information given by online guest, you are advised to read the privacy policy document.


By submitting payment and placing an order, you fully acknowledge and understand the statements above in addition to the following: any attempt to reuse the idea(s) or information from the delivered product must be accompanied with proper citation and acknowledgment of the company’s website. Every product offered by the company is meant as a model, as an example, or for inspiration purposes. Freelance writers working with the company have transferred their rights to the company including its affiliates and partners. You agree that this company will collect payment from you for the effort and time that will go into the collection, organization, correction, editing, posting, as well as delivery and reference materials as well as the administration, maintenance, and advertising of the products and services offered through this website. The customer qualifies for a number of copies of the original product. However, the customer shall not distribute, reproduce, transmit the display, modify, or create any form of derivative work from the product or the result of meeting the product or any content from the website without obtaining permission from the company. The customer also agrees to destroy the delivered product and materials after completing the reference or research exercise or after determining that the material or the product is no longer useful. No part of the product or materials shall be used without properly referencing to them, and no copies of the products or materials acquired from the website shall be made or distributed.

Limitations of liability

You agree to absolve the company as well as its directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates advertising, fulfillment, and promotion agencies as well as any third-party providers or sources of information, and legal advisors, or data, from any form of liability arising from damages or losses, claims, rights, as well as actions of any form that may be caused by the delivery of the product or a product that is delayed, corrupted, or disrupted, that include but not limited to (a) electronic, telephone, software, hardware, Internet, email, as well as any form of computer malfunctions, difficulties, or failure of any kind; (b) incomplete, failed, delayed, garbled, or delayed computer communications or transmissions; (c) any condition arising from events that are beyond the control of the company and may have caused the delay, corruption, or disruption of the product; (d) losses, injuries, or damages suffered as a result of being connected with or using the services offered by the company. In addition, you agree to identify, defend, and hold the company as well as the company’s affiliates free from any form of harm, suit, demand, or claim including fees charged by the parties or attorney(s) as a result of utilizing the products or services offered by the company, violating or breaching these terms and conditions, or breaching and/or violating the terms and conditions and/or rights from other third parties as a result of your actions or omissions.

The company will not be held liable under any event as a result of any indirect, direct, incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages that arise as a result of a connection with the use of, or interaction with this website or any information provided on or through this website and the above limitation may not apply to you.

You agree and acknowledge that the company reserves the right to modify or change these terms and conditions without any notice. It is expected that the terms and conditions will be modified from time and reflected on the website.