August 31, 2018

In America, just like any other part of the world, watching movie is one of the major pass time activities.  Media and Entertainment industry is arguably the biggest. This has made it possible for teachers to use movies to teach students. Today, theater, art and acting are taught in almost all schools. We cannot forget that entertainment is a sector in itself in the world. It is a career for many. Students require a movie essay typer to help them with essays during their studies.

What is a movie essay?

There has never been a very direct definition to this question. However, a movie essay is a reaction paper. On the other side, it refers to a film analysis or a movie review. A movie review is a well-considered synthesis of personal opinion about a movie and a critical analysis of its technical and thematic content.

The writer analyzes a movie and then develops a commentary about it. In short, it is like a book review but in this case, analyzing a film. When analyzing anything, you go beyond telling a story about it. You have to engage your brains. There are some steps involved in typing or writing a movie essay.

  1. Watching the movie

When writng a movie analysis, you cannot cut the corners. You must watch the movie. Technology today has made life easy. Download the movie before watching it for the first time. It is advisable for you to watch the movie several times. Pause as many times as you can. Ensure that you get everything. During all this time, take notes. With every viewing, improve your notes. The more notes you take, the better.

    2. Engage the movie in writing

Engaging the movie means critically challenging your mind about the essay. Reason with the characters and challenge their ways of doing things. It is not a must for you to agree with them. This is because a movie analysis is not a storytelling expedition.

Single out a single thematic concept related to the movie. Analyze the recording of the movie. Compare the historical events that the movie brings back to life. While doing this, do not let your imaginations and emotions distort facts. The fact could either be historical or the ones in the movie.

    3. Engage the characters

In this stage, ensure that your reader knows about the characters, the directors and the technicians. This is the most critical part as this is where you answer the real questions depending on the instructions you have. If you are analyzing a movie like a historian, you will focus on the historical part. On the other side, if you are an sociologist, you will focus on things like how people behave and relate in the movie. You can also focus on things like class and social stratification. If you are a student of music, you have to come out clearly on how different genres of music were used in the movie. In short, a movie analysis depends on your area of study.

    4.Overview of the movie

Here you need to exercise a lot of caution. Provide an overview of the whole film. Be brief. This is not the part that you pad your words to beat the word count. Reveal the twists of the plot. You can also touch on the ending. Just like I said before, your movie should concentrate on your area of study.

    5. Watch the movie again

Why would you watch and yet you have already finished your paper. Never depend on your memory when typing or proofreading a movie essay. The final reading helps you in confirming facts and eliminating your biases. Lovers of movies may tend to like some characters while dismissing others. A keen tutor discovers the biases and may ask you to do revision.

What goals should you achieve?

At the end of the conclusion of your essay, ensure your essay does these four things;

  1. It informs
  2. Your essay analyzes the movie
  3. It convinces
  4. It entertains

In case you need an experienced movie essay typer, please talk to us. We have the best movie analysts. They are spread across the board depending on your specific area of study.

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