How to Cheat when Writing Essays is one of the most popular software that universities use to determine the levels of plagiarism in essays. Website owners also use it to see if their posts are original. With all honesty, students fear the software but lecturers love it. It has cost most students their careers when they were expelled from college. While students struggle to find ways to cheat turnitin, lecturers and the developers of the website are doing everything possible to improve its efficiency. In this article, I will show you how you can easily get away with not-a-so original paper. However, this does not mean that we tolerate plagiarism of any kind.


How to Cheat Turnitin
A plagiarized paper

Before we go there, let us understand how turnitin work and what it does.

The software keeps three major types of data;

  • It keeps the content and information that is in the public domain. This includes the information that is held on open access websites.
  • It also has data that is published by newspapers, journals, and books.
  • It also contains all papers and essays that students submit to their lecturers and universities through the software.

Turnitin uses an algorithm that identifies matching words. It therefore crawls through its database to identify if your paper has been copied from any website or books. When you submit your paper, the software crawls through it to see if it matches another paper. For instance, if a student from one university presented a paper and then you presented it, your lecturer will know where exactly you sourced it. If the percentage of similarity between your paper and any other material goes above 5%, your paper will be considered plagiarized.

How do you Cheat Turnitin? 

i.Paraphrasing Everything

When writing an essay, never copy any material word-for-word if you are not willing to cite it completely. That is considered plagiarism. If you paraphrase each sentence in the whole paragraph, you come up with a paper that looks genuine and original. In this process, you will need to know if the material that you are paraphrasing is relevant to your paper. It would be so helpless if you sourced the essay from a source that is not related to your topic. It is however noteworthy that searching for a paper that fits your instructions is not easy. Paraphrasing it is also tedious.

The best thing about paraphrasing is that you will still learn from the sources. It might take time but it is worth it.


ii. Use Synonyms

Many English words have at least two words with the same meaning. As earlier explained, turnitin uses exact match algorithm to determine if a text has been copied. That means that if you use different words but you maintain the meaning, you will not be caught. 


iii. Change the Order of Words

If you are writing a text where you are supposed to write a sentence that has a list, you can change the order of words. For instance, if the original text had names like cows, goats, camels, rabbits and elephants, you can change the list by starting with elephants, cow, rabbits, goats and camels. That way, there would not establish the relationship between the two texts. 


iv. Add Some Words

If you have a text that is plagiarized but you want it to sound original, there is always an option of adding some fluff in the sentences. This is done by writing some words in the sentences and then turning them white. This will leave a gap that the software can read but it cannot be easily seen by naked eyes. The software will therefore see it as original.


v. Changing Letters

If you replace one letter, for instance, “e” with “è”, the software will not establish the similarity between the two texts. This is because the two letters may mean different things in different languages. 


vi. Add Pictures

When writing an essay, you can put pictures to represent the information that you want to deliver. For instance, you can put graphs, pie chats, maps and so on. These pictures should appear in the midst of your texts. Do not put all of them at the end of the essay.


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