August 20, 2018

How many pages is 500 words essay? In a nutshell, the number of pages vary from one institution to the other. However, there are several answers to this question. If your lecturer requests you to write a single spaced essay, 500 words will be one only one page. On the other hand, if they request you to type a double spaced essay, 500 words adds up to two pages. It is noteworthy that the cover page and the references pages do not count.

There are some schools that choose 275 words while other take 300 words as one page. In is rare though. 

How Do Essay Typing Companies Calculate the Cost of an Essay?

The cost of an essay is dynamic. Different essay writing websites use different parameters to calculate the cost. Some of the determinants are common. These factors are:

  1. The Deadline

When you order your 500 word essay and want it within a few hours, the cost goes up. Many companies charge between $20-$40 per page for essays done within 12 hours. If you want to pay little, always order your essays as soon as you receive the instructions from your teacher.

If you your essays is beyond three weeks, the charges is as little as $10. This is not absolute as there are other factors to consider.

2. Your Education Level

Naturally, the lower the level of your education, the cheaper your essay is. For instance, a grade five essay cannot cost the same as a PhD paper. This factor does not work alone as it is affected by others. This article is based on 500 words.

3. Number of Pages

In the case of a 500 word essay, the cost per page adjusts according to your choice. If you select single spacing, the cost of 500 words is the same as the cost of 500 words with double spaces. In all cases, spacing does not change the price. The number of pages alone matter. To make it easier, essays are charged depending on the number of words.

4. Availability of Materials

This factor applies only when your lecturer gives you materials that the company does not have in their library and are not available other libraries for free. In this case, the cost of the material and the shipping charges are added to the total cost. Many companies however allow clients to buy the books and scan them.

Other companies prefer the client to send the books or materials to them. After the essay is complete, the company sends back the material to the original owners.

5. Bonuses and Discounts

Many essay typing companies give discount codes and free essays to their loyal clients. This is periodical. Other companies reduce the cost of orders for clients who refer their friends. They give the discounts depending on the cost of the essays their fellow students make.

On the other hand, there are clients who give their preferred writers bonuses for jobs well done. This is always voluntary. No company compels a client to give tips and bonuses to the writers.

6. Preferred Writers and Premium Services

Some clients always ask for a specific writer and premium services when their orders are ongoing. The attendants exclusively attend to such clients throughout the period their orders are in progress. This is also voluntary.

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