If you have sought help from someone in the past regarding some college assignments or research papers, you are probably aware of writing services. In most cases, you work with a writer who handles your assignment and provides you with a complete paper. However, Essaybot is different. Instead of using writers, it uses AI technology-based essay writing bot that writes papers minutes.  In fact, they do not use human writers in the process of generating your papers. It sounds too good to be true? It actually delivers research papers for your assignment. It is also a fun technology that you may want to try, especially when you are not pressed by deadlines or other commitments.

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How is Essaybot Website?

Unfortunately, Essaybot’s website has a problem with the delivery of information. It lacks enough information on the exact services that it offers. To a new person, it may be hard to determine how exactly the papers are written, which is important to know before registering for any service.

Even when you register for the service, you will still not get a detailed explanation of how the service works. A little more information is found when ordering a paper through the service. We cannot agree more that such an unusual service should have instructions and explanations that give a clear picture of the way it works.

Before paying for the service, you may want to try the pre-writing feature on the main page. All you are required to do is enter your topic in the field provided on the homepage. You will receive a few paragraphs relating to the topic. If you are happy with the result, you may go ahead and order a full paper. You can refresh the page to rephrase the article until it gets your topic right.

The service looks like it is designed for people who know how to use essay typing services and not newbies.

How Do You Sign Up at Essaybot?

When you visit the Essaybot site, you will find a sign-up button at the top right-hand side. Click the button to access the signup page. On the page, you are asked for your name and email address. You will also be required to create a password for your account. Once you have completed filling up the information, a link will be sent to your email account.  You have to click the confirmation link to activate your new account.

Alternatively, you can start working on your paper at the site by typing the essay topic on the space provided on the homepage. When done working on your paper, click the download button. It will take you to the signup page, where you will fill your personal details as above.  Successful access to the account will be done via the login link that is next to the signup link.

Once you have signed up at the site, you will add your payment method, save and download essays from the site as well as enjoy other benefit explained elsewhere in this article.

How is the Service Priced?

There are no free offers in the service. You have to subscribe to access the full service and get complete papers. However, its pricing model is different from other companies that help with papers. Instead of charging you for every paper that it offers you, you pay monthly or annually. With the subscription, you are entitled to unlimited use of the tool for your papers.

Currently, the monthly subscription charges are about $9.95. The yearly subscription is about $59.50. You can also pick a week’s trial at about $2.45. However, if you pick a monthly subscription without the trial, you pay a reduced rate of $4.95 a month. There are no royalties attached to the pricing based on the usage of the tool.

 The pricing model is advantageous if the tool works for you. The only problem is that you will not know about the pricing until you try to download the paper you compose. The annual option is obviously the cheapest. However, most people would rather try the service for a month before committing to a full year subscription.

What are the Available Payment Methods

There are only two payment methods available on the website; Stripe and PayPal. Stripe is not available in many countries outside the USA and has strict registration guidelines. On the other hand, PayPal is available in many countries, and one can set it up with ease. You can also link it to your credit or debit card and make payments through your bank. However, we would like to find several other payment methods on the site in the future to cover customers that may not be served by the two payment methods.

Does the Service offer Any Discounts?

The service pays you for inviting others to try the service through an affiliate link. Every time someone joins the service using your link, the service credits a percentage of their first payment to your account. You will use the credits to extend your subscription. You can find how much you have been credited by visiting the payment section.  There are no other discounts offered by the site.

What Do You Get after Making a Subscription?

Once you have paid for your membership, you have access to other tools in addition to the writing service. Here are some of the other features.

1. Information sites

The text for your paper will be sought from millions of websites that offer information related to your topic. You will also get some credible websites to cite your work.

2. Plagiarism Checker

The site checks your work for plagiarism and gives you an option to rephrase the work to enhance its originality. The text that you get is picked from online sources. However, by rephrasing it, it helps you pass many plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin.

3. Citations

The bot has a citation feature that allows you to create standardized APA and MLA citations as needed using a few clicks. The feature is available on the right of the page.  When you cite, the references are created below the page and will be downloaded together with the final document.

How do You Prepare a Paper with Essaybot?

When preparing a paper at Essaybot, start by typing the topic of your paper in the space provided. You have the option of adding some introduction to the essay title for the bot to determine the direction your essay will take. There is an option to change the title as you continue preparing your document.

It will take a minute to have the first paragraph ready on the right section of the site. You click on the article, have it rewritten and pasted on the sheet on the left by clicking the ‘Rephrase and Add’ button. Keep doing this for successive paragraphs until you achieve the right size for your document.  There is a word counter at the top right side of the page.

To add sources and citations, click on the sources and citations section next to the paragraphs on the right of the page. References will be added below the document. Once you are through with preparing your document, you we recommend that you check for plagiarism and correct grammar errors by clicking on the respective tab at the top of the page. Ensure that you save your work as you go by as refreshing the page may erase all unsaved work.

Preparing a document takes a few minutes. You cannot copy and paste the document to your word processor. You must download it. For you to download it, you must have paid for the subscription for one of the options discussed above. Essays are downloaded as word documents. Saved essays are available in ‘My Essays‘ section of the site.

Is Essaybot Legal?

Essaybot is a legal for your essay writing service. You check the legality of a company by looking at its terms and conditions and any licenses that might be posted on their website. First, there is no licensing information included on the site. That is not a big issue, as this is just an online tool like most tools you will find online.

However, when it comes to the terms and guarantees for the use of the service, the company does not take any responsibility for the correctness and uniqueness of the content that you generate using the tool. It explicitly states that the users are responsible for the content they generate from the system. The company only offers you a platform where you can generate a document.

This is the part where this service differs most from other writing services which guarantee the quality of the work they give to students. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete document that is ready for submission, you may want to try some other writing services where a real human actually does the writing.

There are no other guarantees for the privacy and safety of personal data. However, the payment methods it uses are strict in terms of the security of their users’ financial information. Therefore, you should not be worried that your data might get stolen by third parties or sold by the site to other parties.

Does Essaybot Offer Any Other Types of Services?

No. There are no other types of services available on the site. As said earlier, the site has provided very little information about its services and how it works. It would help if the site had an ‘about us’ and ‘services’ pages where visitors can know more about what it offers. Currently, it is just a bot that helps you complete your assignment without too much of a hassle. The service will make updates should it introduce some other services.

Does the Use of Essaybot Constitute Cheating?

No. using the bot does not constitute cheating. Here are the reasons why it cannot be regarded as cheating.

The tool just acts as an instrument to help you get content from millions of web pages where there is relevant information as per your title. You would be looking at similar sites when doing your research.

You are responsible for the content that is generated by the service. You ultimately have to check for correctness, grammar, and uniqueness of the work using the tools provided. This is unlike other writing services where all the work is done for you. You take part in every stage of content generation, and therefore no one can claim that the paper was done for you.

What is the Online Reputation of Essaybot?

Essaybot seems to be a new service that people have not yet known. There is little information in terms of customer reviews online. Popular review forums such as Reddit have little information on the service. There are a few critical reviews here and there. However, many of them look fake, as several people have made strikingly similar statements about the service. Given that online reviews are not reliable, we would recommend that you try the service yourself or go through our review to know our experience with the site.

According to website lookup tools, the site is registered in Oregon USA. It has a low score because there is little information about it online. There are no reports of any malicious codes or viruses on the site. It has also not been blacklisted by any ISP or search engines. Therefore, it is safe to use the site.

Can You Cancel the Service?

You can cancel the service anytime you want. There are no restrictions at all. However, the service does not offer any refunds after cancellation. Therefore, if you are not sure if the service is right for you to start by using their 7-day trial service. If it feels right, you can go ahead and subscribe for a longer period.

If you cancel the service on a monthly subscription, your subscription will be valid for the month which you are in and have the subscription. The same happens to the annual subscription.

What is the Quality of the Generated Paper?

We cannot put a score on the quality of paper that is generated by the site as it varies widely depending on various factors. Try playing with various topics and you will get some content that is good in some and not so good in others. The biggest problem with the site is the use of synonyms.  While we understand that synonyms are meant to enable your article to pass plagiarism checks, some word choices may make the essay incomprehensible. After rephrasing, we found various paragraphs with questionable wording that would not be fit for a college-grade paper.

This service works well with standard, straightforward papers where information does not require the writer to give opinions and analyze data. However, for more advanced papers, you may have a problem coming up with content that is relevant to the topic at hand.

On the other hand, the use of the grammar checker can help get rid of the most common grammar mistakes. However, you need to read the whole essay so that you can check things like the choice of words, the flow of ideas and give your work some subheadings (Essaybot does not add any subheadings to the essays).

Overall, the paper quality is average even for straightforward ones. There is still some editing work that you need to do before the paper can be submitted. Therefore, this service is not ideal if you need an urgent paper if do not have time to go through the work. Again, if you are looking for a very high-quality paper, this service may not work for you. On the other hand, if you are just looking for more information and reference for your work, this is the perfect tool to do your research.

The Problem of Writer Proficiency

The big difference between having a writer write your paper and using a bot is that the bot uses keywords to look for information online. There is no comprehension of the context in which the information has to be presented. In cases where information has more than one interpretation, it may prove troublesome to the bot as it is likely to source and present mixed information.

In addition, the service does not give sources from which each of the paragraphs presented was picked. You only see the sources in a separate bibliography list. There is a risk that some of the sources might not be credible for your paper. Therefore, it is important that you go through them before submitting the final paper.

Is Essaybot Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a crime for any college student. It may lead to expulsion and other legal consequences. It is important that you ensure that all the work presented is plagiarism-free. Essaybot has its plagiarism checker to help you ensure that the content you create is unique. However, to do this, it rephrases most of the sentences and uses synonyms for most verbs. However, the structure of the articles remains that same. While the essay will not look like a copied text, advanced plagiarism checkers like plagscan.com may pick up similarity in sentence structure with existing internet content. Therefore, it is important that you counter-check your work with other plagiarism checkers even after passing the checker on the website.

Essaybot Customer Support

You can contact Essaybot customer support by visiting the ‘contact us page‘ under your account. Just click the drop-down button and “contact us” will appear below the settings page. On the page, you will find two methods of communication; email or call with the number provided. If you decide to send an e-mail, their address contact@essaybot.com. If the issue is urgent calling them via +1-408-320-4958 is more convenient.

Unfortunately, the service does not have functional live chat. Live chat is usually the fastest and convenient method in the service industry. From the attempts we made to contact the service, we found that it took more than two minutes for the phone to be attended by the customer service personnel. Emails took a day or two to be responded to. This is rather disappointing. We do not expect that they have many callers and emails as the service is just getting started and simple to use. Therefore, we would expect that they respond to calls and emails rather fast.

It would be better if the service had a faster means that customers can contact their customer service. In addition, they should consider having an FAQ page where they give answers to some of the most common questions asked by customers regarding the service. A FAQ page also reduces the need to contact customer service as many problems are related to usage procedures.

Is Essay Bot a Copy and Paste Service?

A good number of people wonder whether the service copies information from web pages that offer information relevant to the topic at hand. While we would not call it a copy and paste service, it first copies information available on the internet and rephrases it for you so that the text passes the plagiarism checkers.

There is still an option to paste your work on the document as it has been lifted from online pages. You can use the option if you are using the tool for research and not prepare your final paper with the auto writing service. However, you may still not tell the exact websites from which specific sentences were picked.

Their plagiarism checker is surprisingly good. It is able to capture content that is copied from the internet rather well so that you can rephrase the sentences until they become unique enough for use in your paper.  However, we still recommend trying another checker when done with www.essaybot.com . Once the paper is complete, you cannot copy text using your browser’s copy and paste functions. The company has done this to prevent people from using the service free.

How Does EsasyBot Compare with Writing Companies?

If you are wondering whether to go with a writing company or work with Essaybot, check the comparisons we have done below so that you can make the right decision.

1. Amount of Commitment Required

First, unlike writing companies, you create your paper on Essaybot. You are required to put your topic and create paragraphs from the text lifted from the internet until it reaches your desired word count. Conventional writing companies require you to provide details/instructions of your paper as given by your teacher. After this, a writer is assigned to your research and completes it on your behalf. You do not participate in the content creation process unless responding to queries regarding the paper from your writer. Therefore, if you go for Essaybot, you must have some time to create and edit the essay. However, if you do not have time, go for a full writing service. 

2. The Problem of Cheating

It is always said that the use of a writing service constitutes cheating. Most universities are already developing systems to determine whether their students do their assignments or have them done by some other parties. However, it is a different thing when it comes to using Essaybot. Unlike eassay bot, the writer actually does the, research, paraphrasing and order of the papers as they would like them to appear in the final paper. The tool only helps get the right text and paraphrase it for use in the paper. This something that the student would do on theirr own when researching and completing the college paper. Therefore, one cannot be said to be cheating by using the tool for research and paper completion.

3. Payment Structure

The payment structure at Essaybot differs from that of other writing services. Most writing companies price their work according to the size of the paper, type of paper, and its urgency. Payment is made for every new paper that you order through the service. However, for Essaybot, you subscribe to use the tool for an unlimited number of papers for a given period. If the tool works for you, it is much cheaper than using a conventional writing service. Students that are working on a shoestring budget and looking for some help, this tool may offer much-needed assistance without making them break their bank accounts.

4. Modalities of Completing the Paper

It is the first AI-powered software for completing college papers. AI technology has been growing rapidly in the recent past. All other writing services use human writers to complete papers on behalf of their customers. Most popular grammar and Plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin and Grammarly are already using artificial intelligence to help improve student papers.

If the service continues to improve its algorithm, it could be a vital educational tool in the future as artificial intelligence is the next big thing. Unfortunately, AI has not yet learned how to make arguments based on the information provided. Should the AI technology advance more in future, such software solutions, as Essaybot will provide significantly better papers than they do today.

5. Revisions

Most writing services offer unlimited revisions on papers they handle. Someone looks at the paper and makes the necessary changes required on the paper. However, for Essaybot, the owner of the paper does the editing. The software does the basic edits that include paraphrasing content and correcting grammar mistakes with the input of the user. Here, you can only edit the paper you downloaded as the bot cannot edit the complete text. You may also require to refine your paper after it is complete.

On the other hand, the conventional essay writing writing websites employ editors, proofreaders and quality assurance expert to assess the papers their writers do.

Pros and Cons of the Service


  • It does quick research on your behalf, thereby allowing you to complete your paper fast. Researching online without a little help can be rather slow, boring, and you might still not get enough information. This tool helps you out.
  • It has a good plagiarism checker. Therefore, you are sure to get the right plagiarism score as you would get in any plagiarism service
  • It offers citations for the text that you generate on the site. You have a choice of MLA or APA citations
  • It is an affordable method of getting a little assistance for your papers. With the subscription, you can write unlimited papers without any restrictions.
  • It allows students to be part of the writing process. With this unique service, you cannot be said to be plagiarising your work.


  • The software does not create unique articles for you. It just picks information from online sources and rephrases the text for you.
  • It does not offer a free trial to its users. You have to pay even for the one-week trial period on offer
  • There are no refunds if you cancel your subscription before the end of the active period.
  • There is no live chat option on the website. You can only call or send emails
  • The quality of the paper produced is a hit or a miss depending on the particulars of your assignment.
  • The response time on the phone and email is rather slow

Essaybot Alternatives

Essaybot is a service of its kind. There are other services like Instant Essay Typer. Here is a look at services offering some aspects of the writing service that you can use to complete your paper.

How to Complement Essay Bot using WordAI Writer

WordAI is an artificial intelligence-powered writer that helps rewrite sentences to unique human-readable content. It works as an article spinner only that this time it uses AI to improve the quality of the content. To use the software, you log onto the website and paste articles that you need to be rewritten. After pasting the word document on the website, it rewrites the text into a unique readable text.  The software produces higher content quality than most of the article spinners out there.

Unlike the Essaybot, WordAI does not have a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, and does not source the text for you. You have to source for the text and cite the text separately. Apart from rewriting your text, you do not have any extra benefits from the software. Many students use the software to complement work done on Essaybot. Instead of rewriting their work with Essaybot, they paste the work as it is and have it rewritten on WordAI so that they get the best of both sites. We cannot really say that the service competes with Essaybot, but has a better re-writer that is more than rephrasing sentences.

Conventional Writing Services

If you rather have all the writing work done for you, you may consider hiring a writing service to do your work. In the section above, we have discussed the differences between Essaybot and conventional writing services. While it is sometimes considered cheating, writing services deliver papers that are ready to be submitted for grading. The unfortunate part is that the student does not take part in the preparation of the paper. It is good to go through a paper that has been written with either of the services and have any parts that are not up to standard revised.

Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers

It is important that you check the work with some other plagiarism checker to be sure that the work is plagiarism-free. Most tutors check the students’ worth with Turnitin. We recommend students using the same software to check the work. Other plagiarism checkers include Ginger software, Grammarly among others.  When it comes to grammar and spelling, it is good to first go through the whole document and check on the flow of the article while correcting syntax, spelling and sentence structure issues. Then, you can use such software as Grammarly or Paperrater to remove subtle mistakes that you may not have picked.


Essaybot is a superb, fresh idea that is getting traction in the education world. However, it has not evolved enough to handle some types of papers that you may want completed. We expect that artificial technology will continue to grow and may become usable in the future. However, right now, you still need to work on the final product from the service to ensure that it is flawless and perfect for submission. Nonetheless, this service is good for research. If you have a hard time getting content for your paper, the AI is at hand to ensure that you have content from all corners of the internet.

Essaybot FAQs

Is Essaybot good?

There are few reliable user reviews on the quality of service. However, from our experience, Essaybot is good for super easy and straightforward tasks or topics. These are topics where the student is not supposed to give an opinion or explain some data. However, for advanced papers, you may have a problem writing a paper using the software. AI is still not advanced enough to handle high-quality papers.  We recommend using it when you have enough time to revise your paper if there is data analysis.

Is Essaybot Cheating?

Using Essaybot cannot be considered as cheating. This is because it basically helps in getting relevant content as you would do on your own. However, if you turn in a plagiarized paper, you will be deemed to have cheated in your papers.

Essaybot service does not write papers from scratch; it simply picks chunks of information from various sources and regurgitates them for you. That is why you may find a high percentage of plagiarism. However, you may reduce that by rephrasing the text and editing out some parts.

Is Essaybot Safe?

Safety can be interpreted in two ways. The first way is the security of your personal and financial data. It is safe transacting with the account. From the research done using various tools on the internet, we have not seen any malicious codes or viruses on the site. There has also not been any complaints regarding the theft of personal information or spams to user emails.

On the other hand, the safety of the service as regards to producing a quality paper that can be sent to the professor depends on what kind of papers you are writing. There is also a risk of plagiarism if you do not check your work thoroughly.  

Is Essaybot Plagiarism?

Essaybot does not create papers from scratch and, therefore, not 100% unique text. Instead, it picks information from the internet and rephrases it for you. However, it gives you a plagiarism-checking tool to ensure that your papers are unique. It takes several rephrasing attempts to ensure that the article is completely free from plag.

The accuracy and the content of the papers lies with the user of the software.

Is Essaybot Reliable?

Again, reliability as a writing service depends on the kind of paper that you want completed. If you are working on a simple assignment, the service may be good for you. However, when working on high quality or complex papers, this service is not for you. You can still use it for research when writing the final paper.

Does Essaybot have a contact number?

Yes, you can reach the customer service department by calling +1-408-320-4958. Alternatively, you can email them at contact@essaybot.com. There is no live chat service at the site.

Is Essaybot free?

No. Essaybot services are not free. You have to pay $2.49 for a week’s trial period and a monthly subscription of $9.95. Alternatively, you can pay $4.95 for a monthly subscription or $59.40 for an annual subscription.

Does Essaybot refund you on canceling the service?

No. You do not get a refund when you cancel the service. Therefore, it is advisable to take a short subscription period if you are not sure that the service will work for you.

Does Essaybot have a mobile app?

Essaybot does not have a native app for use on either a desktop or any mobile devices. You can only access the service by visiting their website on a browser. Fortunately, the service also works smoothly on most mobile gadgets’ browsers.

What services do I get after subscribing to the service?

Essaybot premium includes the services below

  • Research on your behalf from various websites and suggest the best contents
  • Paraphrase the work for you
  • Find matching citations to include in your work
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Eliminate plagiarism from your paper.

Are There Essay Bot Free Services?

Many people like getting services for free. In the online world, there are many free services but there is always a catch. When it comes to essay typing services, most companies charge a small fee for their services. There are several reasons why finding essay bot free services is not easy.

1. Administrative Costs

Just like any other company, there are costs that essay bots accrue when offering you services. For instance, the person who answers your emails and phone calls needs to eke a living. The website itself requires hosting and content creation. Additionally, the developers of the website spend  most of their ensuring that the website works effectively. All these activities requires funding.

    2. They Do Not Advertise

For a website to work effectively, it requires some form of income. Some of the essay bots that do not charge for their services get some revenue through advertisement. Given that essay bot does not have any adverts, they charge a small fee of $99 per month. This helps them to foot the recurrent bills.

    3. Artificial Intelligence Updates

For EssayBot’s Artificial Intelligence to remain relevant, it requires constant updating of information on daily basis. This requires a lot of resources and manpower. Creating and maintaining an effective essay bot is not easy. Academic writing is very dynamic. New materials and resources emerge everyday. The current resources are only found on websites like Amazon for sale. This makes updating their AI an expensive affair.

    4. The Cost of Office Maintenance

On their website, most essay bots have addresses to a physical location. This means that they pay some rents. Naturally, offices have many recurrent expenditures. The offices have some staff who draw salaries and commissions for the work that they do.

    5. Fast Delivery of Essays

When choosing an essay bot, you go for fast and reliable services. This requires a well coordinated team. It starts from the office secretary to website developers. They have to ensure that everything is working effectively so that your essay get to you on time.

    6. Terms of Ownership of Essays

Though this is debatable, when an essay bot writes an essay for you, you assume its full ownership. They transfer the ownership to you. This means that they cannot keep it in the databases for future business. This makes the cost of creating each essay in a unique way a little bit expensive.

If you need a reliable alternative to EssayBot, kindly talk to Instant Essay Typer. We are fast and affordable with the most experienced essay typers in the world.

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