May 10, 2018 as a site permits one to write topics in almost any subject of your choice, then it brings an MS word-like webpage. Here, one can write an essay of their choice but the site does most of the work for you without providing tutors to do the writing. The application guides on how to write essays and other tasks. All you have to do is to open essay typer website and start typing. Words will appear giving possible ideas that facilitate the thinking and writing process.

It is more of a online writing tool as it focuses on enabling students to write their essays with ease. The website borrows its content hence the need for keenness to avoid plagiarism which mostly is treated as a serious offence in colleges and schools. Many may be wondering how to use site. Once you have opened the essay typer site just type keyword of a topic of any subject of your choice. The web page will bring you samples of set up words. The keyword helps the application to reason what you are talking about then offer suggestion depending on the topic. After finishing however one has to copy paste the work to desktop in order to be able to save in word form because document on essay typer cannot be downloaded after its complete.

Is Faster?

In a country like US, essay writing makes a steady progress having more sites daily. Students mostly depend on these websites to get their assignments done faster. None of these websites is perfect because some may delay your work making you to miss the deadlines while others may submit  plagiarized work. This may lead to one being suspended or in other instances expelled from college.

In some occasions the assignments might be submitted on time but it’s out of topic leaving students stranded. Due to high demand of what writers could use to submit their good work led to the introduction of The application helps writers to work within a very short time to write their essays so that if anything or any error occurs its yourself to blame. Essay typer is more like a tool guide that can be used to offer suggestions and ideas about a specific topic.

Most importantly essay typer is convenient as it uses easily recognizable pattern of keyboard that enables writing essay fast. More to that it has a algorithms that offer unlimited words that are very critical and they appear in seconds. The words are related to the intended topics. After writing the site also arranges your paper including formatting hence saving a lot of time and making even for those who are not good in research get the work done. It also saves time of opening many tabs in the name of searching for references. The first importance of this site is that it offers services of writing promptly for students who spend their money on paying writers to do the work for them finally have their chance of saving their money for other issues.

Free vs Paid Version users are not charged for their services. Just go to the website and start typing your essay using the keywords and you will get suggestions popping up making your paper to look unique due to its structure. What also makes it to be best is the guarantee of no plagiarism as essay typer collects information all over the world from different view and compile to give a unique meaning. This has however been proven not to be accurate. Some of their papers are highly plagiarized.

The website is also safe for use since it does not share your login information with third parties. The details just remain on the database.

The pro version is little bit expensive because it will price you depending on the number of pages you typed, the type of the paper, and  the level of writing.


Essay typer is safe and straight forward as it does not require opening of an account, registration, email address or any form of payment. But one has to be very keen when using essay writer because on top of homepage is written the content on this page is unoriginal. The warning should enable one to be keen as some words may pop up to give a complete different meaning and get writer out of topic. Many keep wondering if essay writer is legit because they don’t charge any fee for the services they provide and its like they do all the job by themselves. More to that is there is no communication channel attached to it except social media platforms.

Is Easy Typer Reliable?

In conclusion, essay typer as a tool should not be mostly relied upon without doing your own research. If there is no time for writing you can always outsource services from instant essay typers because of their ability to customize the work and submit it to you on time. also does not have testimonial icon and guarantee of words to be used. They go on to warn users not to trust the work they do for users so this cannot be accepted as an essay writing service.

The only thing found is the suggestions then the decision is upon the user to assess if it is the correct term to use or not. The site also does not offer support to its users so don’t expect assistance since there is no customer care representatives. However, the developer of the app has given clients their twitter handle for communication but twitter has a limitation of the number of characters hence so brief. This site sometimes also generates automatic papers which are so irrelevant to the task being done. So, as much as students might like their work done fast they have to sacrifice and research.

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