Most college and university students find it hard to complete their assignments with the given deadlines on their own. Arguably, it is only a small percentage of students that does not work. Actually, this article found out that over 70% of students worked while still working in the last 25 years. Others have families and relatives they take care of. Due to this, such students go online to look for safe essay typers. If you have done that, it is possible that you have come across essay bot. We did EssayBot review as follows;

What services does EssayBot Offer?

Essay bot is that it is supported by Artificial Intelligence. This makes many learners to prefer using it.

EssayBot does not write your essays for you. Instead, it guides you on the line of thought that is relevant to your essay. For instance, if you want to write an essay about the World War II, the bot will give you refined facts about the whole war. Additionally, it helps you to have the right flow of idea. A good essay is characterized by good organization and flow of legitimate ideas. That is where you will fetch good points.

The downside is that you are not guaranteed that the ideas you get from EssayBot will not be given to the next user. The rules of plagiarism are tough and the penalties are very expensive, in all colleges. No students wants to lose their scholarship due to plagiarism.

Do they have Customer Support?

When looking for an essay typing website, you are on a mission. You want take the least of your time. This calls for a good support system. Customer Support helps one to safe time instead of solving issues on your own.

Just like the name suggests, this is a bot. This means that there is no one on live chat to answer to your queries whenever you are stuck. For instance, presuming that your teacher wants a revision or clarification, will the bot give you suggestions? The answer is no. Additionally, there is no one to proofread your work to assess the coherence and consistency of ideas.

The essay writing website however offers their physical location. Additionally, they have a Toll Free number and an email address through which clients can reach them. Fairly, this sounds like a nonstarter. You are online and your expectation is getting help without leaving the comfort of your bed. The more time you take, the less the probability that you will submit your essay on time.

Quality of Essays at EssayBot

We have assessed the quality of essays that this bot gives and the results are not impressive. Even though they have one of the most updated Artificial Intelligence, it will never beat the quality and intelligence that a human being offers. Human being research and organize their thoughts before writing them down. This is the opposite of what essay bots do. They mix the ideas.

To be honest, the AI collects and paraphrases the information that is available online. This means that if two students get help from this bot and submit the essays to the same teacher, it will be the same content but in different words. This is equivalent to spinning and it is a type of plagiarism.

We have tried to look at their plagiarism policy which is conspicuously absent on their website. This means that you do not have any guarantees in case that your paper is plagiarized. You cannot hold anyone responsible for their actions or inaction.  For instance, when using the normal essay writing websites, they identify and connect you to a writer. They also allow you to keep in contact with the essay typer. This means that you have the confidence derived from knowing the progress of your paper.

Pricing and Payments

Just like other essay typing websites, EssayBot charges. Their charges depend on the amount of content that you download. The downside of their website is that they do not have any refund policy. Once you pay for the essay, you will likely never get a refund even if the essay was of low quality. They charge $99 per month. This might not augur well with students who live on a strict budget.

Is EssayBot Legal?

Many students wonder if most of online essay typers are legal. The answer is yes. The website is registered and operates within an established legal framework. We have established that EssayBot pays taxes and other obligations as stipulated by law.

The legality of the use of the essays you get from them depends on how you use them. In reality, if you use their essays as your own, you will be the one who will have breached your contract with your school. On the other hand, if you use their products as a guideline as you write your own essays, there is nothing illegal about the same.

Does EssayBot Save Time?

This is a tricky question but we will still address it. When one is running to beat the deadline, it means that they have other things to do. For instance, some students get multiple essays to type within the same period of time. This means that if you are actively involved in writing one essay, you cannot write the other one. When using this website, you will still hit the keyboard.

On the other side, the fact that the AI gives you ideas means it saves you the time you would have spent when doing research. In short, it peruses the hundreds, if not thousands of pages, when researching on your behalf.

Every essay writing website has some advantages and disadvantages. In our honest review, we believe that essay bot is a good website to use if you can mitigate on the misgivings that it comes with. If this essay bot review does not augur well with you, there are other essay typing alternatives to sort you out. All the best in your search.

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