What is Essaybot?

Essaybot is a new essay writing service that uses Artificial Intelligence. Essaybot review reveals that it helps students and authors create unique content and essays. The website is a new concept in the custom essay writing industry since it does not employ writers, editors, or authors. It relies on sophisticated technologies and tools that use an algorithm to write individualized essays for customers.

The Essaybot service searches the internet for relevant materials relevant to a student’s topic. Then, it allows the user to choose the content to include in the essay. There have been mixed reactions with the introduction of an entirely new approach to Essay Writing Services. This is a comprehensive review of Essaybot from a consumer’s standpoint.

Essaybot pros and cons


  • Cheap services compared to other essay writing services
  • Plagiarism and grammar checker


  • Poor content quality
  • Cannot write original content
  • Cannot write or understand from a human point of understanding
  • Essays may lack flow and structure
  • Requires students to edit or paraphrase on their own during reviewing
  • It is not free

A Review of Essaybot Services

Essaybot provides Artificial Intelligence solutions for researching, paraphrasing, and compiling of customized essays. However, the website does not provide a clear idea of the services they provide. Customers must provide a topic for their essays. Essaybot then searches the internet through Google for relevant material concerning the topic and produces a set of paragraphs. The customer compiles the paragraphs into an essay.

Additionally, Essaybot provides sentence creation services. A user can create unique sentences from different sources. Moreover, Essaybot provides paraphrasing and editing services. It does this by taking content from the web, changing the vocabulary, sentence structure, and order of words. The company also provides citations, checks spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. Overall, the company claims it offers a wide array of services. One has to try out the free version to understand what Essaybot offers.

Essaybot Pricing

Essaybot is not a free or open source service. Customers have the option of a free prewriting plan offered on the main page of the website. Essaybot does not charge its customers per paper. Instead, customers pay a subscription fee.

Essaybot subscription plans include monthly and annual subscription offers. The company provides a 7-day trial for $2.49 after which the customer can subscribe for $9.95/month. The plan is billed monthly meaning that customers are charged after every month. However, customers are free to cancel their subscriptions anytime.

The second pricing is an offer for $4.95/month, which are billed annually for $59.40. The offer helps students save about 50%, but only when paid in full amount for the whole year. The pricing may be cheaper compared to traditional essay writing companies, but the quality of the essay may be entirely different.

Essaybot Content Quality

Most of the high-quality essays are written from scratch rather than from content copied from the internet. Essaybot relies on scanning the web including Google for relevant content on a given topic. Nevertheless, the quality of content depends on how well the complex AI system can understand an essay topic. For simple topics, Essaybot can produce or search for content from numerous sources. However, complex topics such as research papers may prove to be a challenge.

Moreover, Essaybot does not have to access to different academic databases that contain peer-reviewed journals. As such, it may not find or produce quality content as per the academic requirements. Essaybot copies content from the internet and then paraphrases the content. It then allows the student to edit or compile different paraphrased texts. The process only means that the content is copied, thus it is not unique.

Essaybot does not provide new ideas, personal opinions, or analysis of any kind. Therefore, the content quality is likely to be against the essay requirements or instructions. Essaybot cannot provide high-quality content since it is automated and does not support individual research.

Essaybot Customer Service

Customer service is essential in essay writing services. It enables swift communication and resolution of issues. However, Essaybot does not seem to consider such issues. The company services its customers through a phone number and a single email address. Customers can also visit its physical address as shown on the map. Essaybot does not have any live chat tools or varied email address for different departments. Customers are also not aware of how long it will take to get a response after contacting the company. The customer service may not meet the needs of students.

Essaybot and Plagiarism

Essaybot produces plagiarized content since it copies content from the internet. It also paraphrases using artificial intelligence that does not understand the meaning of the content. As such, Essaybot does not create unique content or original content from scratch.

Even after paraphrasing, the service does not give credit to the original authors. It would be senseless to imagine that a program or software on its own can eliminate plagiarism.

One can avoid plagiarism by writing original ideas or giving credit or recognition to the original authors of specific content included in an essay. Therefore, Essaybot may change some words or vocabulary.

Essaybot Online Reputation

As a new service, there have been mixed reactions concerning Essaybot. Some individuals seem to find Essaybot service useful. However, the majority of people disagree. Essaybot may be using the latest technology, but it is focusing on the wrong industry.

The essay writing industry has a long reputation for providing quality and original essays. However, an automated essay service seems to undermine the values of originality and quality in essay writing. As such, Essaybot has received increased criticism since it does not offer value for students seeking quality and original essays.

Overall Essaybot Review

In conclusion, Essaybot is a new service that uses AI to produce content automatically for helping students write their essays. The company provides research, editing, paraphrasing, and proofreading services. It requires users to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

However, the content quality is low since the service produces plagiarized content. Moreover, the company lacks appropriate customer service and support. The company undermines the values of quality and originality that are associated with essay writing services. Overall, Essaybot may be a unique genuine idea, but it provides no value for students seeking original and quality essays.