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Most people think essay typing is just a walk in the park or just an act of typing on a computer. Such perceptions have deceived most students and other individuals in different professions thus ending up producing shoddy and very low-quality essays. Essays are common in almost every level of education, starting from elementary school up to higher education levels. Also, essays are common in the business world where they are referred to as report essays.

Based on such importance, this brief guide takes you through how to Type Better Essays while highlighting some of the most important tips that will enable you to write not just an essay but a comprehensive and quality one. If you master the tips as illustrated in the text, be assured that your future essays will be magnificent and of high quality. However, I know your writing skills might be perfect and you might see this guide as irrelevant to you. However, be assured that having different methods and knowledge of writing an essay will help you become even better.

Keyboard for Essay Typing

The Essay Typing Process

For those who have no time and are lazy to read the whole article, at least go through the summary below.

It is advisable for you to go through these steps in the essay writing process and master each one of them.

To write a good essay, you should consider the following steps:

  • Making the right decision on the perfect kind of essay to write about.
  • Brainstorm your ideas on the topic.
  • Conduct thorough and comprehensive research.
  • Come up with a perfect thesis based on the arguments.
  • Outline the process in the essay.
  • Write a perfect and convincing essay.
  • Finally, edit the essay step-by-step to eliminate all structural, grammatical and spelling errors.

I know one may see these steps to be unnecessarily long for a simple essay, but let me assure you this. If you follow them, as illustrated in these texts, you will be in a position to write better essays in the future.

The above summary does not explain everything. For those willing to be experts in essay writing, read through the whole text and masters each step.

The Kind of Essays You can Type

The first and most significant step towards writing a successful essay is to decide what kind of essay you want to write. Most people start writing essays without knowing exactly what they are doing and normally end up producing shoddy work. Do not be like them! Understand the different kinds of essays and next time start your writing by identifying the one you prefer to write about based on your topic.

Different essays are grouped into several structures, including persuasive, narrative, descriptive, expository and comparative essays. Differentiating the type of essay you want to write about gives a clear direction on the best steps to follow throughout the entire process. For instance, writing narrative essays requires writers to give a story or import information from various subjects in an orderly and straightforward manner. In that case, when you choose to write this kind of essay, you need to understand that your focus must be on storytelling and not on giving details of what is going on as is the case in a descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay

In most cases, descriptive essays focus on explaining some situations or points in detail. For instance, if your aim is to write an essay on a certain event you attended; you need to give every detail including all the activities and how you felt about each one of them. You need also to be clear about your experience. On the other hand, if your focus is to write a persuasive essay, you need to convince the reader. You should emphasize on one side of the argument, which you believe in.

On the contrary, comparative essays compare two or more points thus giving the reader a chance of choosing which side of the argument to believe in. Lastly, expository essays give an explanation of how to follow a certain process. You need to provide step-by-step instructions on how to make something or how to undertake a certain procedure.

Identifying the kind of essay you want to write, gives you a better position of selecting the best topic and structure for your essay.

Brainstorming the Topic

You cannot write an essay unless you know exactly what you are writing about. Also, your ideas must be clear and well-organized. Brainstorming is the second step in the essay writing process. It will enable you to come up with the most suitable topic to ensure clear and effective presentation of the main points. It is important during this phase of essay-writing to sit down and think about a number of ideas suitable for your topic. Do not have limits on the ideas that come into your mind. Encourage as many positive thoughts as possible. It is from such a collection of thoughts that the best ideas will start to emerge.

Therefore, it is also crucial to start writing down every point that comes into your mind without screening them. This step does not need any formula or system. You can use any language or structure in writing these points down. After writing down all the thoughts that come into your mind, it is then important to start narrowing them down according to the topic of your choice. In most cases, most of the brainstorming points are connected. In that case, by categorizing those that are similar to the same groups, it becomes easier for you to identify the suitable topic and thesis of your essay.

Mind-mapping and clustering are some of the best techniques you can use to come up with suitable essay ideas. While mind-mapping, you can decide to write a topic in the center of the paper and create bubbles of the related points around it. Such an approach is easy and a perfect way of developing a topic. It also identifies connections between various topic facets.

Choosing the Right Topic For your Essay

Once you have come up with a list of topics, it is now the best time for you to identify the most suitable one that will help you address the issues of your essay. In this case, you might want to write a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad. Too broad topics make it hard for you to drive your points home while too narrow topics might be a sign of low quality work. Most people believe that choosing a topic does not matter when it comes to the quality of an essay. If you have been sharing the same perception, it is high time to change and consider spending more time on this crucial phase of essay writing. Always keep in mind that the type of topic you choose will depend on the kind of essay you selected in the first step.

Conducting Research

Now you are through with brainstorming and the selection of a suitable topic. It is time to conduct thorough research on the topic so as to write an essay based on facts. Visit different websites, libraries and other sources of relevant materials. Try to dig deeper into different aspects of the topic. You might also want to interview some people or make certain observations. However, while conducting the research, make sure that all the points collected are recorded systematically. Also, these points should be in the right manner to easily refer back and cite appropriately while writing the actual essay. Remember that your research must be based on the kind of essay you chose to write and the topic you selected.

Thesis Development

Developing an essay thesis is where most people fail in their effort to write quality essays. Most people do not even know what thesis statement means thus ending up with essays that lacks direction and meaning. For your information, a thesis is simply the main focus or point of your essay. It is normally a single sentence at the end of your introduction section that says all about what your essay will be talking about. A good example of a thesis might be, ‘men are a major cause of women’s problem.’ You can use such a focus to write the entire essay, whereby, all your points need to go back to this one main point.

Don’t get confused! There is no limit or restriction on the kind or length you can use in your essay. It all depends on the topic of your discussion and main points you want to discuss. In most cases, ensure that your thesis is broad enough to allow proper discussion of all your points but not too long for you to thorough.

Outlining the Essay

After writing a thesis statement, the next step you should focus on is outlining what you are going to write in the rest of the text. This involves drawing an effective outline of your essay in a logical manner, with a clear flow of all the points. In this case, it is important to start by writing the thesis at the top of the paper then constructing the topic sentences for each paragraph below in point forms.

The topic sentences form the structure of what the whole essay will be talking about. It is sometimes tempting for a writer to jumble too many ideas in one paragraph, something that might confuse the reader or even make them lose interest in reading the rest of the essay. Always make sure that every paragraph contains one point and that there are transitions between all paragraphs. After outlining all your points, read through them and ensure that they all tie back to your thesis statement.

Writing, Formatting and Editing the Essay

I know you are surprised and the question in your mind is how comes after all these steps we are yet to mention the actual essay writing. After producing a comprehensive outline, it is now time for you to write your essay. In this phase, always look into your outline and write a well-organized essay, while fleshing out the skeleton in order to create a cohesive, comprehensive and clear essay. For this to happen, you should consider writing a perfect conclusion that revisits your thesis and summarises your main points in a way that proves that all of them confirm what you indicated in the thesis. For instance, you should show how your points and arguments prove that ‘women are a major cause of men’s problems’.

Writing an essay is not always enough, you should consider re-reading and editing it severally to check whether it meets all the requirements and is perfect for the readers. In this case, you might revise it for structure, consistency, and clarity. Check grammar, spelling and technical errors, and make sure that all the materials used are cited properly as per the referencing style required.

Citing and Referencing

As I have mentioned earlier in the guide, writing a credible essay requires conducting proper research. It is through such research that you will be able to collect reliable ideas regarding the topic of your discussion and come up with convincing arguments that give your work a special taste for the readers. Identifying the materials to use is not the hardest part for most writers, but citing them accordingly and producing a perfect referencing list at the end of the text.

There are a number of referencing styles that you can use while producing an essay including APA, MLA, Harvard, and others. If you choose to use APA as your referencing style, the page formatting of your essay, in-text citation, and referencing list must meet the requirements highlighted in the APA guide. Also always make sure that all the references listed at the end of the essay are well-cited within the essay according to how you used the materials in your discussions. Citation and referencing mark the final phase in an essay writing process.

Once you are done with your essay, do not be quick to publish or submit it for another person to read. Give yourself a break based on the deadline then come back with a fresh mind and read it again. If it pleases you, then be sure that it will do the same to your intended readers. You can even read it the second or third time to confirm all the points flow systematically and there are no unnecessary repetitions.

After going through this brief guide make sure you utilize it in your essay typing and you will notice the difference.

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