Many students always wonder if it is possible to find a website that types essays with no plagiarism. Others ask about the possibility of getting a free essay typer online. These questions are so popular. They need straight answers. In my experience as a scholar, I interact with thousands if not tens of thousands every year. I learn a lot from their worries and fears. The aforementioned fears are not the only ones.

When tasked with the mandatory task of writing essays, some busy students turn to the internet looking for solutions. In most cases, they look for cheap or free solutions. They however do not forget the risks that come with the free services that they look for. That is why in their searches, they are always wary about plagiarism. This vice is always carry very strict penalties.

Where can I get Free Essay Typing Services?

The internet has a lot of companies that offer essay writing services. It is only a small percentage that offers their services for free. They give free services because their main interest is advertisement. Most of the products they sell target students. They ensure that soon after you enter their website, you will have to sign up. This gives them access to your personal details like emails and phone contacts.

From there, you start receiving promotional materials from other websites. You then wonder the third parties got access to your personal data. I do not however insinuate that all website giving free essay typing services are rogue. What I am interrogating is the motivation of some of them.

If the services are completely free, the website hardly manage to hire active customer care executives to answer your queries. The writers become noncommittal as the world that we live in calls for everyone to work to pay bills. Many of them commit most of their time in doing other income generating ventures to sustain themselves. Such writers find it hard to help urgent writing tasks.

What is the solution? If you get a company that writes free essays, always ask them to disclose everything. You deserve to know what their catch is. If this does not happen, holding them to account is impossible. Additionally, ask about the security of your personal information. Details such as emails and phone numbers are sensitive to leave with someone who lacks a privacy policy. In some cases, you should request them to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Are Free Essay Writing Services Likely to be Plagiarism-free?

Majority of the free essay typing services are software. Those that we know about depend heavily on Wikipedia and other online databases. It is hard to get a fully plagiarism-free output. You must reread and edit the final copy to eliminate plagiarism and vagueness in such papers.

Websites that charge for their essay writing services contract full-time writers. Additionally, they have written rules of engagement. In these contracts, there are detailed anti-plagiarism policies. You get plagiarism-free papers from such companies. This is because most of them have Quality Assessment Departments.

If you want essay writing services that offer plagiarism-free essay typing services, always ensure there exists a binding contract. This ensures your ability to hold the company liable in case of any eventuality. It is better safe than sorry.

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