In the essay typing world, many students wonder if it is possible to get an essay typer that can copy and paste an essay. Yes! The first intention of using an essay typing website is to have a copy at the end.

In this case, if you want a website that will generate an essay and give you a final refined and read-to-use copy, you must avoid plagiarism. Always try as much as possible to have a document that is original.

How To Avoid Plagiarism

Most essay typers keep a database of the papers they write for you. As such, they spin and send your to the next client who come their way. For you to avoid plagiarism, avoid any unsecured essay generators at all cost. You need a website that keeps your information private and confidential. That is why passwords are important.

No one wants their information scattered online or traced by their university.

If a website does not have a login system, some cookies keep the end products and some plagiarism checking software like can trace them.

What is the Solution?

The solution to this is getting an essay writer who writes all papers from scratch. This way, you receive a copy of your paper on your email as soon as it is complete. You will not need to copy and paste anything. You will just download and save your essay on your computer.

Many essay spinners use unreliable and wrong sources in essay writing. For instance, they spin information that is available on Wikipedia and other free online libraries. This invalidates your essay.

On the other hand, getting an essay writing website is not a guarantee that the essay is original. Some companies are rogue. Some of them hire inexperienced writers who copy and paste parts of the essays from the internet.

In this regard, you must vet the company of your choice, always look for online reviews before contracting it. If it has negative reviews, do not work with it.

These are Some Examples of Essay Typers that you can copy and Paste essays from

Below are some examples of essay bots that can copy and paste essays. Some are what they say they are and other are in-between.

1. Essay Typer

One of the oldest essay typing websites is Registered members are able to copy and paste their essays as an MS Word document. However, when using the free version of the website or you are not ready to create an account with them, it becomes hard for you to copy and paste your essay.

On the downside, most of the lecturers request students to submit their essays either as a word document or in PDF format. In that case, it means without an account with them, you will have to copy the essay from their website and paste it on a word document before formatting it. This adds the workload that you were trying to avoid when you used the essay bot.

Students ask how they can copy from and Paste from Essay Typer

There are several steps that are involved when copying and papers from essay typer.

As soon as you are done with typing your essay on, you will be prompted to download your final copy. In case you are using the free version, this option is not available. If you are on the paid-for version, you will be asked to choose the type of document that you want. here you choose between PDF or MS Word Document.

If you are using the free version, please follow the following steps.

Step 1: Press the “Control” and “A” buttons on your computer while you are still on the essay you wrote on essay typer. Your essay will be highlighted and turn blue.

Step 2: Press “Control” and “C” to copy the essay on your computer note pad.

Step 3: Open a new MS Word Document on your computer.

Step 4: While on the word document, Press “Control” and “V” button. After this step, your essay will appear on the word document.

Step 5: Save your document on your computer by pressing “Control S”.

Step 6: Proofread, edit and format your essay into your preferred citation style.

2. Essay Bot

With the advancement of technology and the use of AI in academic and article writing, there is a new kid on the block. Essay Bot is its name. The website is not as old as essay typer but their mode of operation is similar. As pointed earlier, they have free and paid-for versions.

The free version does not format essays in MS format. As such, it is not convenient for long essays. This negates the need for using it as you will waste a lot of time formatting and referencing your eassays.

3. My Perfect Words

At the moment, there is a sharp rise in essay writing bots. As tested by one of our experts, My Perfect Words offers a platform for writers and students to write essays. Their essay bot does not type the essay on behalf of the student. Instead, you write your paper on their website but you have to copy and paste it elsewhere. As such, it cannot fully qualify to be an essay typer with copy and pasting features. It can, therefore, be termed as a writing website.

4. Instant Essay Typer

At the moment, Instant Essay Typer is the leading research paper writing website that does not force you to copy and paste a document. Instead, when you create an order with us, we upload it on your account hours before the deadline.

Additionally, we have experienced writers who deliver high quality essays at all times. They do not have any reasons to copy and paste anything from the internet. It is their obligation to write all papers from scratch. Our writers have access to the best online libraries. They must also attach a copy of plagiarism report alongside the final essay.

Closing Observation

Your choice for an essay typer depends on the nature of the output you expect. If you do not want to the hussle of being forced to use essay bots that force you to copy and paste your content, alway choose a website that will send you a complete document directly to your email.

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