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Here we are again. The school is open but you did not get that academic break that you yearned for. As a result, essays are streaming in now, one after the other. Your employer feels that you are more helpful at work if he adds you more roles. Your family needs you. You need to hang out for that weekend with your friends. Do not forget about the one week holiday that you wanted to take; away from from your laptop. Is it possible? I think it is. You can still live your life the way you want with the help of an essay typer website.


Are Essay typing Websites legal? 

Many people ask if essay typer is legal. Yes, it is. In the world, all businessmen must register their activities with their governments. No business runs in a vacuum. This explains the why each business states their legal obligations in their terms of service. Additionally, an essay typer indicates how you should use their services and still remain bound by the law. It is always advisable to read the legal pages of any website before using their services.

It is however important to note that some people turn legal services into illegalities. For instance, you order an essay sample from an essay typing website and it is done for you. Instead of using the sample to write your own essay, you submit it to your lecturer as your own. The website cannot take responsibility for your illegal behavior.


Is using an essay typing website plagiarism?

This is another critical question that worries many college students. What is plagiarism? Every student knows it. Plagiarism does not happen only when the paper shows 0% plagiarism on turnitin. No! When you submit a paper that was written by another person as your own, you are committing plagiarism. The ideas on the paper are not your own. They belong to another person.

Additionally, if your paper is not well cited and referenced, it is plagiarized. You should always ensure that you give credit to the original owners of ideas if you borrow any. This makes your life easier.


Should students use an essay typer?

If your schedules are so tight and you do not have time for writing your own essays, you can contract an essay typer to do the essay sample for you. There is no need of failing in your research papers when someone can help you.

There is another group that needs help. Some international students find it hard to express themselves effectively on paper. Their grammar is poor and incoherent. They might be good researchers but poor writers. The services of essay typers needed here are proofreading and editing. Poor grammar causes students to lose some points.

On the other hand, there are students who do not understand what a course entails. They need someone to explain to them what their teacher expect from them. Here, a simplified summary of the course notes helps. This mostly happens to students who cannot afford time to book a remedial session with their lecturers.


How can a student get the best essay typer website?

There are several things that a student can look into when searching for the right essay typing website to work with. They are many but I will touch on a few.

  1. The cost of essays

The cost of essay typing services should always be moderate. An essay should never cost you a tooth or an arm. It is however important to note that cheap can be expensive. If you contract someone who is poorly paid to write your essay, they will do it hurriedly. This is because they want to do many pages so that they can break even.


    2. Plagiarism

If an essay typer lacks a clearly stipulated plagiarism policy, do not commit yourself to them. This is because the essay will mislead you from the word go. The references are important. Accuracy of the said sources is not negotiable.

In addition, after contracting an essay typer, they should give you two documents. The first one is the MS Word document of the essay. The second is the plagiarism report of the same essay. If the plagiarism levels are high, request for a refund.


3. Refund policy

When placing your order on any website, you always inform them the terms that you want them to work within. You also give them your lecturer’s instructions. If you know that you will not use the paper, you have the right to a full refund. They should apply their money-back guarantee in your favor without hesitation.


4. Revision guarantee

After receiving your essay, you might feel that it needs some amendments. The writer who you worked with should do it unconditionally. However, your request must abide by rules and regulations of the company. For instance, some students request for revision a year after receiving their complete order. This means that the order details are no longer available in the system.

The company should not charge you for the revision if the instructions of the essay are the same.


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