June 26, 2019

Are There Essay Bot Free Services?

Many people like getting services for free. In the online world, there are many free services but there is always a catch. When it comes to essay typing services, most companies charge a small fee for their services. There are several reasons why finding essay bot free services is not easy.

  1. Administrative Costs

Just like any other company, there are costs that essay bots accrue when offering you services. For instance, the person who answers your emails and phone calls needs to eke a living. The website itself requires hosting and content creation. Additionally, the developers of the website spend  most of their ensuring that the website works effectively. All these activities requires funding.


    2. They Do Not Advertise

For a website to work effectively, it requires some form of income. Some of the essay bots that do not charge for their services get some revenue through advertisement. Given that essay bot does not have any adverts, they charge a small fee of $99 per month. This helps them to foot the recurrent bills.


    3. Artificial Intelligence Updates

For EssayBot’s Artificial Intelligence to remain relevant, it requires constant updating of information on daily basis. This requires a lot of resources and manpower. Creating and maintaining an effective essay bot is not easy. Academic writing is very dynamic. New materials and resources emerge everyday. The current resources are only found on websites like Amazon for sale. This makes updating their AI an expensive affair.


    4. The Cost of Office Maintenance

On their website, most essay bots have addresses to a physical location. This means that they pay some rents. Naturally, offices have many recurrent expenditures. The offices have some staff who draw salaries and commissions for the work that they do.


    5. Fast Delivery of Essays

When choosing an essay bot, you go for fast and reliable services. This requires a well coordinated team. It starts from the office secretary to website developers. They have to ensure that everything is working effectively so that your essay get to you on time.


    6. Terms of Ownership of Essays

Though this is debatable, when an essay bot writes an essay for you, you assume its full ownership. They transfer the ownership to you. This means that they cannot keep it in the databases for future business. This makes the cost of creating each essay in a unique way a little bit expensive.

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About the Author Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong is a Ph.D. Holder and academic writing expert with over 6 years of experience in helping students prepare high-quality essays. Tony has got an eye for well-written and unique essays fuelled by his passion for research and academic writing.

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