Will my essay be plagiarized if I use the essay typer? Is there a threat of being caught with plagiarism when using an online essay bot? Does essay typer show up as plagiarism if passed through turnitin.com?

Most students worry about plagiarism. There are thousand of essay typing websites and applications online. Additionally, each one of them has different rules and regulations in regard to plagiarism. It would be crazy to think there is a universal rule on this.

There is however some hope.

Majority of the essay typers act in the best interests of students. Nonetheless, no industry operates devoid of some rogue operators. This is a hard fact thus some essay typers plagiarize student essays.

There are several things you can do to ensure safety and plagiarism-free essays.

Here are 5 things to ensure the essay typer produces non-plagiarized essays?

1. Read the Plagiarism Policy

Always read through the website before placing your first order. Read through the terms of service of the essay typer. If the application or website does not assure you of 0% plagiarism in your essays, desist from contracting them.

A genuine essay website like InstantEssayTyper.com always ensure that the academic life of students is safe. No buts here. This is one of the most important rules of the game.

      2. Read your Essay

After receiving the final copy of your essay, create enough time to go through it.

Reading the final copy helps you to ascertain its quality. If you encounter some grammatical mistake, it means it is possible for the paper to have some plagiarism as the writer was not careful enough. A serious essay writer proofreads essays.

     3. Use Plagiarism Checkers

There are many plagiarism checkers on the internet. Though essay typing services like InstantEssayTyper.com thrives on trust between the essay writers and students, some counter-checking hurts not. Some plagiarism checkers are free. Small SEO Tools is a free. Turnitin.com is another option though you must pay.

Ensure that the plagiarism checker does not save your essays as it could plagiarize them. Before running your essay on any software, first learn how to use it.

     4. Counter-check Citations and References

When you hire an essay typer to help you with your essay, confirm the in-text citations and references. Additionally, the accuracy of the references is critical. A paper with borrowed ideas without crediting the original owner of the ideas constitutes plagiarism.

It is wise to ensure that the books websites, news, journals and articles cited are within your reach. Wisdom dictates that the student should recommend the materials the writer uses. Additionally, sharing links and library resources with your writer makes the work easier.

    5. Request for Revision

If you discover that your paper has any plagiarism, always ask for revision from your writer. Many companies like InstantEssayTyper.com offers free revision on essays they type for students. Do this as soon as you check for plagiarism levels of the final copy. This way, you will be sure that the essay typer will not show up as plagiarism.

In case you need a well crafted and typed essay, please make your order with us and you will not regret. Thousands of students have hired us to write their essays. In addition, they become our best ambassadors as they get the best grades.

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