We regularly offer coupons, discounts and other offers for new and existing clients of InstantEssayTyper.com.

We’ll update this page whenever we have such offers.

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You can expect various offers during specific holidays as listed below:

Coupons During Major Holidays:

ChristmasDecember 25
ThanksgivingNovember 22–28
Mother’s DayMay 8–14
EasterMarch 22 – April 25
Independence Day (Fourth of July)July 4
Father’s DayJune 15–21
HalloweenOctober 31
Valentine’s DayFebruary 14
Saint Patrick’s DayMarch 17
New Year’s Day (New Year’s Eve)January 1

Coupons During Christian Holidays

Orthodox Christmas7-Jan
Mardi Gras and Ash WednesdayFebruary 3 – March 9
Valentine’s Day14-Feb
Palm SundayMarch 15 – April 18
St. Patrick’s Day17-Mar
Good FridayMarch 20 – April 23
EasterMarch 22 – April 25
Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary8-Dec
Christmas Eve24-Dec

Coupons During Hindu Holidays

HoliFebruary or March (depends on Hindu calendar)
DiwaliOctober or November (depends on Hindu calendar)

Coupons During Jewish Holidays

Passover פסחMarch 21 – April 24
Shavuot שבועותMay 9 – June 12
Rosh Hashanah ראש השנהSeptember 5 – October 5
Yom Kippur יום כיפורSeptember 14 – October 14
Sukkot סוכותSeptember 19 – October 19
Hanukkah חנוכהNovember 28 – December 27
Purim פוריםFebruary 23 – March 26

Coupons During Islamic Holidays

Ramadandepends on Islamic calendar
Eid al-Fitrdepends on Islamic calendar
Eid al-Adhadepends on Islamic calendar

Coupons During African American Holidays

KwanzaaDecember 26 – January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 15–21
Black History MonthFebruary 1–29
Rosa Parks DayFebruary 4 or December 1
Harriet Tubman Day10-Mar
Emancipation DayApril 16
Malcolm X Day19-May

Coupons During Other Holidays

Groundhog Day2-Feb
April Fools’ Day1-Apr
Earth DayApril 22
Arbor DayApril 24–30
May Day1-May
Cinco de Mayo5-May
Mother’s DayMay 8–14
Flag Day14-Jun
Helen Keller Day27-Jun
Father’s DayJune 15–21
Pioneer Day24-Jul
Women’s Equality Day26-Aug
Patriot Day11-Sep
Constitution/Citizenship Day17-Sep
Election Day or Democracy DayNovember 2–8
Black FridayNovember 23–29
Cyber MondayNovember 26 – December 1
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day7-Dec
New Year’s Eve31-Dec