Chicago, just like other American Cities, has approximately 100 colleges and Universities. Hundreds of thousands of students live and work there. Some institutions like Aurora University has a small number of students. On the other hand, schools like Loop College have almost sixty thousand students. This means that the city is an educational hub. Some of the students are Natives while others are international or immigrants. They face challenges that other students in the world face. Some have busy schedules in a bid to better their lives. Others have families and parents who they look after. This means that they spend most of their time working to make ends meet. This means that they depend on an essay typing service in Chicago to write their assignments.

What do we do?

Our aim has always been to make the lives of college students in Chicago bearable. No student wishes to spend all their life in school doing the same degree. We, therefore, partner with individual students who need help in writing their essays. This partnership is almost a decade old. Some of the Alumnae of colleges like America InterContinental University were our clients. They still give us opportunities to type their work projects. This is because they graduated as happy clients.

To answer the question above, we write and type essay samples for students. We help them with samples of dissertations/theses, term papers, graduate school essays, college application essays among others.

What benefits do our essay typing service clients in Chicago get?

There are many benefits that Chicago students and the general public get from us. The benefits are many but I will mention a few. These are:

  1. Timely delivery of essay

When a client places an order for their essay, we ensure that we deliver the papers according to their instructions. We know that most of them do not have time to keep on waiting for late research papers. The essays we write for them are samples and therefore, they need more time to write the same papers on their own. We advise our clients to place their orders as soon as they get instructions from their lecturers to avoid unnecessary pressure. Additionally, this makes the essays cheaper. 

    2. Essays of high quality

We hire the best brains in Chicago as our essay writers and typers. We recruit them based on their level of education and passion for writing. Essay writing is not an essay task and therefore, it requires passion just like teaching. All essays ordered from our company are written from scratch. If we have several orders with the same instructions, we distribute them among the members of our pool of writers. We know that assigning them to one writer could compromise quality as they would use the same materials.

    3. Plagiarism-free essays

One of the major setbacks that affect college students is getting a final copy that has some percentage of plagiarism. This makes the student wonder why they ordered an essay typing service instead of downloading it from online databases on their own. We have a very strict plagiarism policy. We care about our customers and so, we cannot set them up with plagiarized essays. Our writers do not copy from non-academic sources like Wikipedia.

    4. 100% Customized essays

When you order and pay for an essay, it becomes your property. This means that we write your essays according to your specified needs. Ours is just to make your wish come true by personalizing the essay. We do not go outside your instructions. You are always the boss.

    5. Affordable Prices

When setting our prices, we always make sure that we do not hurt you financially. We take the cheapest bid. Hiring an essay typer should not make you break a bank. We give periodical discounts to our loyal clients. Whenever we have discount codes, we pin them on our website for everyone to enjoy.

    6. Flawless customer service

From the time you enter our website to the time that you leave, there is always someone to listen to you. Even if you want to know the progress of your paper, we allow you to chat with your writer. This makes the work easier for all of us. In case you have a complaint, we hear and determine your case on merit. We ensure that the process is fast and effective.


    7. Expert essay writers

Some essay typing website in Chicago and America, in general, hire writers who are not qualified. They do this to cut their wage s. This affects the quality of the essays they produce. In our case, if you want an American History essay typer, that is the person we will connect you with. Some subjects are technical which means we cannot allow guesswork. We hire Ph.D. and Masters writers in all subjects.

    8. Free Revisions

When you hire us to type your essay and then you feel that the essay needs a flesh out, we do not charge you extra money. You can read our revision policy here. Some companies demand extra payments whenever you request them to do minor amendments.

    9. Money-back guarantee

In some instances, the clients who buy our essay typing service feel like they are not satisfied with the essays that they get from us. We do an independent assessment. If the claims of the client are true, we refund their cash. Our motto is always “Get a high-quality essay or your money back”.

If you need a well-crafted essay, please make your order now and you will never regret. We love the people of Chicago.

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About the Author Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong is a Ph.D. Holder and academic writing expert with over 6 years of experience in helping students prepare high-quality essays. Tony has got an eye for well-written and unique essays fuelled by his passion for research and academic writing.

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