August 23, 2019

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can write your essays. Recent, developments in technology have produced AI programs that claim to write perfect essays. However, there are genuine concerns about the quality of the essays produced by AI programs.

Essay writing is one of the daunting tasks in the learning world. Scratch that, writing is one of the hardest tasks around. Don’t we all wish there could be a program that writes exactly what is in our mind? Well, the essay writing AI programs claim they are here to solve this problem. They claim that they write a perfect essay for you in a matter of minutes.

AI Essay Typing Process

Astonishing!! But, do they really do live up to their claims? It is important to review this claim and evaluate how they actually do it. Most of these programs scan the internet for content based on your topic. Once the AI programs scrap relevant information, they piece together a couple of sentences to get you started. Basically, all the ideas are borrowed from other internet sources.

The AI programs rinse and repeat this process until they produce an essay for you. One should be worried considering that all of this information is borrowed from other internet sources. On the one hand, some AI programs claim their material is original. However, they cannot substantiate these claims for a couple of reasons.

AI Essay Typing Skills

First, all the content they write for you is copy and pasted from readily available internet sources. Therefore, a credible plagiarism checker will flag this content as plagiarized. To be fair, the AI programs attempt to re-write this material, but not to the desired levels.

Second, the AI programs do not cite the authors of the information they include in your essay. Automatically, this is plagiarism.  Academically, you credit the author of the information you use in your essay. Therefore, the current AI programs are not helping the academic world.

Third, AI programs include information from Wikipedia. Usually, it is common knowledge that Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. One cannot authenticate the credibility of the information on Wikipedia. In academia, credibility is king. Hence, the different titles given to scholars.

Fourth, the current AI programs do not produce coherent essays. The content they scrape from the internet is jumbled. These programs try to produce grammatically correct sentences. However, these sentences lack coherence and the narrative is messy. Essays are graded based on their organization, which lacks on essays written by AI programs.

Finally, Ai programs lack the human touch in their writing. Currently, the essay typing AI programs cannot demonstrate emotions in their writing. Basically, Machines and artificial intelligence has a long way to go before it learns and shows empathy. We are humans because of our emotions. Or is it, emotions make us humans? Either way, the ability of human writers to demonstrate empathy in their writing goes a long way in passing the message.

Draft Your Essay With AI

It is not all gloom and darkness when it comes to AI in essay writing. These AI programs are a breath of fresh air in a rather unlikely industry. AI programs can help you when you are stuck midway your essay. Once you enter a couple of words regarding your essay, they will give you suitable ideas you can use to write and complete the essay. Therefore, you can use AI essay writing programs to get new ideas in your essay.

The AI programs can help you to develop your train of thought. Once the program gives you a paragraph on your topic, you can build on this content. Take the paragraph and examine how you can make it yours. Essay writing is all about building on existing ideas. After all, most professors encourage students to pour their thoughts on the essay. Therefore, AI programs can assist in stimulating your creative juices.

Final Verdict

Our verdict: AI has a long way to go before it writes high-quality essays. However, someday it will produce great essays. Until then, you can use AI to meet the word count if you run out of ideas. Certainly, AI will disrupt every major industry in the world in a few years to come. That is for sure!!

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