Do you need instant help with your essays, research papers, and any other assignment that involves content writing? You can have your assignments done at the click of a button thanks to the many free essay writer programs online. These essay or research paper generators are automated writing software designed to make your assignment-writing way easier. However, before you get too excited about what the automated essay writing programs have to offer, it pays off to know a thing or two about them first. This article will concentrate on the highly developed software. Here’s more on that.

The Pros and Cons


  • Saves time

It’s imperative to be aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with using auto essay writers. The first and most obvious advantage is that they help you complete your assignments on time. Different circumstances can make you fail to complete your assignments timely. Perhaps you have a part-time job after school that’s taking a considerable amount of your time. You could also have a pile of assignments from different classes. Assignments require proper research. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough time, you are forced to rush them. This which results in low-quality content. With auto essay writers, however, you can have your essay done within just a few seconds.

  • Considerable Quality

Quality is another thing that comes with using auto essay writers. If you are struggling to articulate your points well on paper perhaps because you are an international student using English as your second language, the automated essay writing services will come in handy. That’s because most of the online essay typing services, especially the top-rated ones, are ideal when it comes to generating high-quality work. You don’t have to worry about getting poor content.

  • Good Grammar

Originality is also guaranteed when using some of the online essay generators. Most of the essay generators will re-write, shuffle, and paraphrase sentences to ensure the content is unique and can pass plagiarism tests. What’s more, the programs will include a bibliography citing accurately any data used to generate the essay.


On the downside, however, relying on the auto essay too much for all your school work can be detrimental. That’s because you may not learn how to conduct proper research on your own. What’s more, you may have to read through your generated essay yourself to correct any mistakes in the content. To ensure you get the fullest advantage of the auto essay writers while still learning, limit your usage of the programs only to when it’s necessary. Also, take your time to go through the generated work not only to spot mistakes but also to read and understand the content.

How to Use the Essay Generators like Essay Typer

The usage will often vary depending on the essay writing software you choose. However, most of them will require the essay topic or question. You also have to provide the number of words you need, the maximum keyword density, and whether or not you need a bibliography. You may also have to provide the research depth, which is simply the amount of information the essay writing software should gather when generating the essay.

About the Author Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong is a Ph.D. Holder and academic writing expert with over 6 years of experience in helping students prepare high-quality essays. Tony has got an eye for well-written and unique essays fuelled by his passion for research and academic writing.

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