August 16, 2018

Many students face different challenges when it comes to argumentative essay typing. And there’s plenty of explanations for this. Some students are not native English speakers and only study English as a second language. Most of such students may be unable to articulate their points ideally on paper. Others have part-time jobs, which means finding time for their essays and other assignments may be a tricky affair especially when they have lots of assignments from different classes to complete within a given period. Could that justify use of an argumentative essay typer?

Whatever your challenge is, finding a quick solution should be your top priority. That’s just because your grades depend on it. Fortunately, you can find multiple essay writing services online today. These are websites that can write essays for you but you pay for it. However, before you spend your time and money on an essay typer, you must have the guarantee that you will get the best quality. To do this, there are some aspects you need to look for in the essay.

For instance, if the topic of your essay is argumentative, below are the key things you need to look for in that essay.

1. The Introduction

Every essay has an introduction. However, how well the introduction is written can make all the difference between a good and a bad essay. That’s because the introduction lays the foundation for your argument. Therefore, it has to contain certain elements that not only make your essay readable but also introduce your argument.

The first element to look for in the introduction is the hook. This is what will grab the attention of your professor when he or she starts reading your essay. The hook can be anything from an explanation of the problem, a vivid description of the topic, a true story or even an imaginary story illustrating the problem, or a startling fact, statistic, or quotation related to the topic.

The next thing you want to look for in the introduction of an argumentative essay that someone else wrote for you is some background information. A good argumentative essay will give some background information on the topic in discussion. This could be a brief overview of the issue at hand and why it’s important or prevalent.

The third significant element to look for in the introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis should state your position on the essay topic as well as provide a clear reason for your stance. It should also set up the claims you intend to expand on later in the essay. Therefore, make sure you evaluate this aspect clearly before you pay for the essay.

2. The Argument

After the introduction, the essay should start developing your argument right away. You should be keen to note how the writer developed your argument because that’s the core of your essay and is part of what will earn you the marks.

At this stage of the essay, look for claims, which are statements that support your argument. Developing your argument encompasses explaining all your claims clearly. A quality essay should have evidence supporting the claims. Therefore, look for supporting evidence for all the claims that the writer talks about in the essay.

For you to earn the full marks, the supporting evidence for your claims has to be valid. Therefore, the evidence itself should contain factual information. But not only that, the information should be from reliable sources. Most essay help websites use professional writers but not all of them may have experienced writers. Some of the writers may provide information from unreliable sources or sources that are not considered credible. Therefore, if you have the time, consider checking out the sources provided to determine whether the information is factual or not. Doing this may seem like a chore but it can be the reason you get a B instead of an A.

3. The Counterargument

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to argumentative essays. And a good argumentative essay will consider the opposing side of the argument too. This does not mean that you have to provide supporting ideas for the counterargument. Instead, you should refute the opposing views as a way to make your arguments even more powerful. Therefore, make sure whoever you are paying to write your argumentative essay for you understand this.

If you are buying an already written essay on the topic or if you are typing the essay using an online essay typer, make sure you read through the body of the essay to identify this element. Also, the points refuting the opposing views should be supported by hard evidence. Your professor will be interested in more than just your personal views so supporting your refutations with factual evidence can earn you an extra mark.

4. The Conclusion

Similar to the introduction, every essay needs a conclusion that wraps up everything. However, not every conclusion accomplishes the tasks it’s supposed to. As you read through the conclusion, make sure it restates the significance of the essay topic or the issue in question and paints a clear picture of what would happen if your argument is or is not implemented.

Doing this helps the reader, in this case, your professor, convinced that your argument is not only valid but also reasonable and practical. This is important if you want to get a good score on your essay. therefore, make sure the writer perfectly articulates these elements in the conclusion.

The Bottom Line

Online essay typers can help you not only finish your essay on time but also write a good argumentative essay. However, you need to do your part to ensure you get the highest quality essay, especially if you are paying someone to write it for you. The above tips will help you know what to look for in a good argumentative essay.

Most websites that write essays for you will often require a deposit before they assign your essay to a writer. You can then release the rest of the money when satisfied with the quality of the essay. Therefore, before you do that, take your time and go through the essay, identifying the issues highlighted above.

About the Author Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong is a Ph.D. Holder and academic writing expert with over 6 years of experience in helping students prepare high-quality essays. Tony has got an eye for well-written and unique essays fuelled by his passion for research and academic writing.

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