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To ensure that you always enjoy our essay typing services, we have a large pool of professional essay writers in all subjects. You can place several requests at the same time. They work in shifts to avoid burnout and writer’s block. We are dependable.


Our typers start each paper from scratch. We use the most accurate grammar and plagiarism checkers to ensure that no other paper in the world resembles yours. Even if all students in your class order their essays from us, none of them will look like yours. 


If you feel that the final product did not meet your standards, we can refund your money. We have a well-stipulated money-back guarantee. This gives you enough confidence and satisfaction when using our professional essay services.  

How to Get Instant Essay Typing Help

Research shows that over 60 percent of students struggle with their essays because essay writing constitutes 20-80% of their grade. This means that many students fail their courses for failing to type high quality essays. Most of the students wonder how they can get a reliable essay typer online. There is a simple procedure of singling out the the one that writes high quality papers.

  1. Searching Online

When in need of an online essay typer, it is wise to research online. You will get many options but not all can do your papers perfectly. This is the most critical step as it determines the end result. If you choose the wrong one, you might end up getting a low quality paper or losing your money altogether.

  1. Find out More About the Writers

Before sealing your contract with any company, always ask the customer care executives about the essay typers that they have. Ensure that the writers have the right qualifications and expertise to handle the kind of essay you want. If they say that they have that writer, you can request access to them. This will allow you to assess their expertise and experience.

  1. Read the Plagiarism Policy

There is no bigger crime in college like submitting a plagiarized research paper. This is the reason you must always focus on ensuring that the paper you will get will be unique. This information should be well stipulated on the website. If the info is hidden, you have all the reasons to worry.

  1. Prices and Quality

You must ensure that the company of your choice will type the highest quality essay for you. To effectively do this, do not focus on the prices alone. Some companies charge unreasonably low prices but end up delivering low quality essay typing services. This affects the academic success of the student.

  1. Choose an all Rounded Company

Some of the companies found online do not have experienced essay typers in some subjects. That means that they cannot handle all types of research papers that you may want. Only choose an essay typing website that can handle all subject areas. Additionally, ensure they have writers in all levels; starting from the lowest grade to PhD.

Instant Essay Typer – A service that delivers on its promises!

There are times that you feel that you cannot write an extra page due to writers’ block. For example, you have a paper that requires grading in the next few hours but you are so tired and exhausted. This brings anxiety and fear among many students.

In addition, essay writing and submission are time sensitive activities. No one has all the time on earth to write essays. There are deadlines to meet. The deadlines do not exempt you from delivering high quality essays.

What can you do when you have an urgent essay but you are suffering from writers’ block? It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you submit your essays late, you lose some points. That will therefore affect your final grade. This calls for an external solution. You can seek the services of an online essay typer.

Characteristics of a Good Essay Typing Website

When looking for a website to help you with your papers, there are some things that you cannot assume. Let me explain, if a website lacks most of the positive characteristics, it is likely that you will not enjoy their services. 

  1. Safety Guarantees

The essay writing process is a mutual relationship. The company assists you with your essays and you pay them a small fee. In this process, you exchange personal details that require a lot sensitivity. For instance, you name and institution of learning should never be disclosed to third parties. 

    2. Shorter Turnaround Time

The reason many students order their essays online is because they want peace of mind. When you request a website to write your essay, you always want to have the final essay as soon as possible. Delayed delivery denies the student the peace of mind that they deserve.

The shorter the turnaround time, the sweeter the service.

    3. Dedicated Teams

When your essay is in process, the company should inform you about the progress of your order. For instance, the team should dedicate their time to inform you when your essays will hit your email. 

They should answer all your questions on time. This will help you to relax. Additionally, it helps you to plan your time. What is the meaning of this? Even after receiving the final document, you need some time to orient yourself with it. You assess if it was done according to your instructions. 

    4. Quality Assurance

Ordering a paper is one thing but receiving a high-quality essay is another thing. If you receive a poorly generated essay, you will most likely fail. The essay typers should always assure you that they will deliver a high quality paper. If they do not, you should have an express right for a free revision. 

    5. Proactive Notifications

After you place your request, there are times that the writer may need clarifications that require your response. These queries should come as soon as they appear. The writer should not wait until the last minute to consult you.

In addition, the writer might need some more materials that you have express access for. For example, if your instructions suggest that some class notes are needed, you are the only person who has access to them. Therefore, you should always receive instant notifications in your email requesting for your input in such matters. As a result, we kindly request our clients to log into their emails on their mobile devices to make communication easier. 

What have you Done to Help me to Type My Essay for Cheap?

There are several things that we have done so as to help you to write your essays at affordable prices. We are always implementing changes that we find beneficial. This is because the essay writing process evolves and changes with time. 

To start with, we selected the best essay typing experts in the world. Our selection criterion is water tight as we request them to send us their original diplomas and testimonials. We then give them timed tests to ensure that they are competent enough. To be different from others, the recruitment process is continuous. We hire whenever we need new skills and expertise.

After every quarter of the year, we give them refresher training to ensure that their skills remain top-notch. This assures you that all your essays fetch you high grades throughout your course.

Writing is an art that requires expertise and passion. It is in this regard that we select staff members who are passionate about writing. When an essay typer online enjoys what they do, the end result is high quality essays.

We always train them on different essay writing techniques to ensure that they always research and craft flawless essays for you.

To ensure that you benefit from our essay typing services fully, we created an easy to use website for you.

How to Request an Instant Essay Writer to do your Papers

Requesting someone to type an essay for you might look tedious but it is not. Giving all the information that is important for the essay helps the writer to complete your essays fast and on time.

It also increases the quality of the essay. The process is as follows;

  1. Select your subject and the topic of your research paper.
  2. Suggest the length of your paper, that is, the number of pages or words you need.
  3. Choose the style in which you want your essay.
  4. Indicate the number sources that you want. For example, materials like journals, websites, books, peer reviewed articles, government publications e.t.c.
  5. Specify the number of references the writer should use. This is important as it helps the writer to focus on the right materials from the start.
  6. Select the deadline. The accuracy of this is critical as it helps the essay writer in planning on how to and when to start writing papers.
  7. Upload additional materials that you might have which can help in the completion of the essay.
  8. Proceed to make the payments.
  9. Once your payment has been processed, the instant essay writer of your choice starts typing your essay immediately.

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Why Should A Student Hire Online Essay Typers?

There are many reasons that make students to seek online essay typing services.

  1. Each Essay Receives an Individualized Touch

When you contract us to type your essays, we assure you that each essay is written carefully according to your instructions. This means that your essay will be unique, well researched and of high quality. As a result, you will get good grades in your research papers.

  1. Unlimited Attention

If you hire a good company, you get assistance around the clock. Some students are so busy such that they do not have time to attend to their essays. This means that your essay is done as you continue with others chores and responsibilities. Given that essay typing experts are always online, there is no time that you cannot place your order.

  1. Affordable Prices and Discounts

Students who couple schooling with work try as much as possible to save every coin possible. This is why they turn to the affordable essay typer websites like InstantEssayTyper.com. If a student places many orders, they stand better chances of getting discounts.

  1. Beating Deadlines

It is not uncommon for students to forget to write their essays due to tight schedules. On the other hand, many lecturers do not accept late submissions for essays. If you choose a company like ours, you will always submit your orders on time. This will give you good grades as you will never lose points for being late.

  1. Affirming Self Confidence

In some instances, students generate their papers but they still feel the need for a third eye. In such a case, we proofread and edit them for you. The fine-tuning increases the quality of the paper immensely. We counter-check the facts and references in the essay. Our essay writers also assess the strength of the arguments and examples used.

Advantages of our Instant Essay Typer Services

  • Our writers start all essays from scratch, therefore, no chance of plagiarism
  • We type high-quality essays at all times since we are motivated by your academic success
  • You have the right to free and unlimited revisions as guided by our revision policy
  • We do not shy away from any assignment irrespective of its complexity
  • A quick turnaround time-from three hours
  • You have the right to choose your preferred essay typer/writer
  • Assured money-back guarantee as stipulated by our refund policy
  • Both writers’ and the customer care departments are always available to help you
  • We use up to date and well-known academic sources to ensure originality and uniqueness of your essays
  • It does not matter the gadget you are using while here; if you are looking for an essay typer when you are on your mobile phone, because you cannot access your computer, we will still help you
  • Your subject area should not worry you. If you are doing a course in Mathematics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Actuarial Science or any other specialization, you have no reason to fret

This video summarizes the pros of using our services.


Type Your Essay Here For Free Start writing ONLINE ESSAY TYPER AT YOUR SERVICE! Instant Essay Typer tool produces your essay incredibly fast. Type Your Ess

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Types of Research Papers that we can Type for You

  1. Narrative Essays; Telling A Story

The writer narrates a story about one of their real-life happenings. The aim of this type of an essay is to challenge the student on how to think and express their own experiences. It is always written in the first person so as to engage and hook the reader. This makes your readers to feel a part of the story.

  1. Descriptive Essays; Painting a Clear Picture

This is closely related to a narrative essay. The writer should simply paint a picture in the mind of their readers using words. It endeavors to communicate a deeper meaning of an issue through clear description. The writer shows instead of simply telling. They engage the five human senses.

  1. Expository Essays; Facts Only

The writer should generate an informative piece that depicts a topic in a balanced manner. In short, it is an analysis of a given topic. The writer should ensure that they define the topic and give supporting statistics and examples. This category is wide as it covers compare and contrast essays, process essays, and cause and effect essays. In expository essays, the emotional part of the writer does not play any part as it is purely based on tangible facts.

  1. Persuasive Essays; Join my Stand

A persuasive essay endeavor to bring your readers to stand with you in what you believe in. In this case, you use facts, examples, data, expert opinion and logic (clear and sound reasoning). The writer should interrogate all possible sides of the argument. Clarity is important to avoid biases when justifying why the writer took a certain position.


When you request InstantEssayTyper to write your essay,  you have some important responsibilities. They help us to deliver on our essay writing promises and meet your expectations. How can you help us?

  • You have to specify your preferred formatting style
  • Always give us the correct deadline
  • It is important to specify the number and type of sources the writer should use
  • Always provide detailed instructions regarding your essay
  • You should always be open to communication in case of clarifications
  • After completing the ordering process, always make the payments to ensure the writing process begins right away
  • In case there is a change in the instructions during the essay writing process, notify us before the completion of your essay. Otherwise, we will base our services on the initial instructions
  • On the other hand, if there are significant changes in the initial instructions, we presume that you are placing a new order
  • After receiving the final copy of the essay, sit down and go through it. Ascertain if it meets your requirements. Feel free to contact your writer immediately if you want them to make some changes. Additionally, you can also seek for clarifications until you are satisfied
  • If you choose to use our free essay bot, you will need to copy and paste the end product on an MS Word document and print

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